Mexican Car Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

Acquiring Mexican car insurance before your next trip will protect you against legal liability and provide you with extensive coverage in various situations. When obtaining an insurance policy, you need to research your options and find out how much Mexican auto insurance costs.

When it comes to purchasing Mexico insurance, you should also learn what this insurance covers and what’s the fine for not having it. Also, you should find out where you can get Mexican insurance for your upcoming adventure.

How much is Mexican car insurance per day?

It’s important to understand that the cost of your Mexican insurance policy can vary depending on a range of different factors. Your insurance provider, preferred policy coverage, length of policy and even your vehicle can affect the overall cost of your insurance.

As for the cost of Mexican insurance per day, you can find out how much it is on average. However, the best way to inform yourself about this important consideration is to request a quote from your preferred provider, or even ask for several quotes and compare them. Of course, the actual cost of your insurance will be determined by the aforementioned factors.

Typically, getting a six-month or annual insurance policy is far more cost-effective than paying, for example, for 25-day-long coverage. Also, this way, you can prolong your trip and explore the Islas Marietas National Park without worrying about insurance.

How much is Mexican car insurance at the border?

It’s possible to obtain Mexican auto insurance at the border, but you should definitely do it before your trip and online is the far easier and more convenient method. Choosing an insurance company will provide you with more choices and policies with greater coverage. At the border, on the other hand, you may have fewer options and you should consider this as a last resort.

To avoid any inconveniences at the border, you should inform yourself about the documents needed for crossing the border outlined by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

How much does it cost to buy Mexican car insurance at a rental car place?

If you’re considering to rent a car for your trip to Mexico or while you’re there, you should keep a few considerations in mind. Your Mexican car insurance will not cover a car rented in Mexico, so if you decide to rent a car while in Mexico you will pay a significant amount of money and pay more for the insurance than for renting the car.

As for Mexican insurance price at a rental agency in the U.S., the rates are lower than in the case of renting a car in Mexico. However, you will still pay more than when purchasing a policy from a licensed provider. So, the most affordable solution is to pick a reliable Mexican car insurance provider and obtain a policy before you head for the border.

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