How Much Can Your Mexican Car Insurance Cost?

If you’re planning a road trip to Mexico, you may not be aware that your American car insurance policy is not valid south of the border. Mexican authorities do not recognize either U.S. or Canadian auto insurance or even nearby states like Phoenix.

To make sure that you are covered in case of an accident, it’s necessary to purchase a Mexican car insurance policy. It will protect you against unanticipated loss during your travel. Given that Mexican auto insurance is required by the Mexican law, you will also avoid getting into trouble with Mexican authorities.

You may be wondering how much does this Mexican car insurance cost. Here’s what you need to know.

Mexico car insurance cost

The cost of your auto insurance policy will depend on many factors. The value of your vehicle, the length of your stay, and the limits of liability you choose will dictate the price of your insurance policy. Mexico auto insurance policies usually come in daily, weekly, six-month, or annual pricing packages.

If your trip lasts about 25 days or you’re planning to visit Mexico several times in the following months, it’s more cost effective to buy a six-month or annual insurance policy. It’s best to consider all your options and then decide which one suits you most.

As each case is unique, the easiest way to know how much your car insurance will cost is to obtain a quote online. On Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance website, you can get your free quote within minutes.

Factors that affect the cost of Mexican car insurance

We already mentioned a few factors that insurers take into consideration when determining how much they’ll charge you for coverage in Mexico. Listed below, you can see individual circumstances that affect Mexican insurance cost.

  • The duration of your stay in Mexico
  • The destination (which part of Mexico you intend to visit)
  • The year, make and model of your vehicle
  • The cash value of your vehicle
  • Whether you’ll be towing something (a boat, a trailer, etc.)
  • Car driver details and their driving record
  • The type of coverage

What Mexican car insurance covers

Unlike a regular U.S. auto insurance policy, a Mexican tourist car policy doesn’t provide such a wide coverage. It is a Named Peril policy, which means that only what is specifically termed as covered can be covered in case of an accident. Nothing more and less than that.

Five basic risks to standard Mexican tourist auto insurance include:

  • Collision, Upset, and Glass Breakage
  • Fire and Total Theft
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Medical Expenses

Oscar Padilla Mexican insurance policies also include Legal Service and Bail Bond as an added bonus.

The length of your stay in Mexico can modify the term of your policy. The longer the duration of your trip, the higher the premium. Also, the type of coverage preferred may affect the rate and get you some additional benefits in the event of a loss.

Entering Mexico with a leased car

If your car is leased or financed, without the permission of your leasing company or lien holder, you will not be allowed to enter Mexico. So don’t let it surprise you. Get an affidavit if your car is leased and buy your Mexico insurance online. Then pack your suitcase, take your passport and let your road trip adventure into Mexico begin!

Buy your Mexican car insurance at reasonable rates

Equip yourself with the proper auto insurance protection and purchase your Mexico car insurance policy before the travel. You can buy it online through a trustworthy insurance provider, such as Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance. This is the easiest and the best way to do it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up having to buy your policy at the Mexican border. However, the cost of Mexican car insurance policies at the border is several times higher. Also, you wouldn’t want to waste any minute of your upcoming vacation on what you could have done beforehand.

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