What You Need to Know Before Seeking Mexico Insurance Services

If your next travel destination is Mexico and you are planning to explore it by car, it’s not only your passport that you need south of the border. You will need a Mexican insurance policy, as well. Mexican authorities do not recognize U.S. and Canadian auto insurance or in southern states like TX or AZ.

Therefore, you should contact a reliable Mexican car insurance provider to get the coverage for your car you need in case of an accident. In case you are wondering how much this insurance can cost, feel free to get Mexican insurance quotes from different insurance providers online.

If you are seeking Mexico auto insurance services, here’s what you need to know.

How much liability insurance do you need?

According to the Mexican law, all motorists, including foreign drivers in Mexico, need to have at least liability coverage for their vehicle obtained by a Mexican auto insurance provider. The liability amount differs from state to state. Also, in some Mexican states, the judge is allowed to set the damages depending on the circumstances.

The minimum liability limit is $50.000 but it is advised that you consider a higher liability amount, between $300,000 and $500,000. In case of an accident, you need to prove to the authorities that you have a valid insurance policy or enough cash to cover liabilities. This amount can be as high as $300,000 or more. It’s always better to have the maximum coverage, especially considering the slight difference in price of your insurance policy.

If you get involved in an accident and are found legally responsible, a liability-only car insurance policy will cover the damage you caused to other parties up to the limit on your insurance policy.

As the legal minimum coverage, liability will not cover bodily injury or property loss of people in the insured car. To increase your protection and avoid being stuck with bills you cannot pay, it’s best to buy a Mexican insurance policy that offers comprehensive and collision coverage, as well.

How much can Mexico insurance services cost?

The cost of Mexican auto insurance services will depend on several factors, such as the number of days of coverage, the year, make and value of your vehicle, preferred type of coverage, and some other details. In case you will be towing a boat, a trailer, or another vehicle, you can choose to insure them as well.

Due to these factors, each policy is unique and tailored to your situation. The rates also vary between insurance providers. The quickest and easiest way to find out how much your policy may cost is to get online quotes from different providers.

You can check out Quick Quote on Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance website and see all your options within a few minutes. These online quotes will show you the difference in cost depending on the type of coverage and the duration of your stay in Mexico.

Often, Mexico insurance policies come in a daily, weekly, six-month or annual pricing package. If you need about 25 days of coverage, or you plan to visit Mexico a few times in the near future, you may consider a six-month or annual auto insurance policy as a more pocket-friendly solution.

Where can you buy your Mexican insurance policy?

For reliable coverage, you should seek the services of an authorized Mexican auto insurance provider. After you get your quotes online and choose your provider, you can fill out an online form and print your insurance policy in minutes. This is the best way to obtain your Mexico insurance.

It is strongly advised that you do this before you hit the road. There are places along the border as your last resort but they sell insurance at much higher rates and usually can’t provide you with suitable coverage. Avoid the unnecessary stress of buying your policy at the last minute, as well as the risk of driving without valid car insurance in Mexico.

Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance will ensure that you take your car south of the border feeling relaxed and carefree. Get your policy, pack your suitcase, grab your passport and you are ready to set off. Your Mexico road trip adventure awaits you!

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