8 Best and Safest Party Spots in Mexico

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your spring break abroad? Many party-goers decide to cross the US-MX border and visit some of the most vibrant nightclubs in the world. While you’re preparing for this trip, don’t forget to purchase instant Mexican auto insurance and print out your policy. This way, you’ll be able to fully enjoy it without worrying about your means of transport. Read on to find out more about Mexico’s top electronic music clubs. 

Where can I rave in Mexico? 

With the world steadily going back to normal after the pandemic, tourists and music lovers everywhere can take a breath of fresh air. Mexico is no exception, with many venues, clubs, and outdoor music festivals returning to their normal pre-pandemic schedules. If you’re into electronic music, these are some of the greatest hotspots where you can spend memorable moments: 

Palazzo Nightclub

One of the leading clubs in Cancun, Palazzo offers house, electro, minimal, and pop music nights. You'll have a spectacular atmosphere with a number of exclusive VIP lounges. With the dressy casual dress code, this club guarantees a fun night of great music and friendly people. 


When you’re a fan of Paradise Garage in NY and Warehouse Chicago, this Tijuana nightclub will meet all of your expectations. It hosts a number of DJs who play a number of electronic musical genres. As it’s situated in the Zona Rio district, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tijuana River.

AM Local Mexico City

If you want to have the best of Mexican history and entertainment within arms reach, AM Local should be your first choice. Located within the Condesa district of the capital city, right next to the Bosque de Chapultepec, the club is known for its forward thinking approach to electronica. 

Mama Rumba Mexico City

If you really want to dance your night off, and you’re out for some latino rhythms, look no further than Mama Rumba in Mexico City. The club is devoted to Cuban salsa and making sure all guess an unforgettable night, in the right company, with excellent service. 

Casa del Ogro

Whether you’re an electronica aficionado or a fan of prog rock or heavy metal, you’ll find everything your heart desires in Casa del Ogro. This place is synonymous with non-stop music and a place that hosts some of the greater names in the contemporary music industry. Apart from that, the food and beer selection is exceptional. 

Americana Club Social

If you want to enjoy music in a space that has a significant retro vibe, Americana Club Social should be on your list. This club is one of the most renowned hotspots in Mexico City, situated within a converted two-story colonial mansion. The DJs play house and electronic music and the staff is acknowledged for their outstanding service. 

French Fried

After a couple of years of insecurity, Monterrey nightlife and underground culture reemerged, with a number of new restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs popping up. Located in the spot of the former AURA club, French Fried hosts electronica, techno, and  house nights. However, you’ll hear a myriad of other genres as well, and immensely popular among visitors and locals alike. 

Mamitas Beach Club

One of the many reasons so many party-goers adore Playa del Carmen is the opportunity for beach parties. Mamitas Beach Club ticks all the boxes: you’ll be able to unwind on comfy lounge chairs under parasols, with DJs spinning the hottest electronic hits, drinking cocktails. Since it’s always packed, it’s best to make a reservation well in advance. 

Is it safe to party in Mexico?

The short answer is: yes, Mexico is safe for partying, just as long as you take some basic precautions. Make sure that you follow the official guidelines and keep in mind these points:

  • Mexico imposes minimal COVID-19 restrictions to tourists coming in and out, just make note of your health and avoid partying if you feel sick
  • Don’t dress overly formal or fancy, but tone it down and try to blend in with the crowd. 
  • Always stay with a trustworthy group of friends or locals
  • Keep your family and friends at home informed of your whereabouts
  • If you need to take a cab, take a photo of the license plates and text them to a friend
  • Be careful with street food and drinks. If you’re staying at a resort, stick to the menu
  • Pay close attention to your personal belongings, cash, and documents
  • Stay in safe parts of the city and don’t risk doing anything illegal

What city has the best nightlife in Mexico?

Experienced partiers don’t have to wander to find the ideal city for their next holiday. Nicknamed the “Mexican Las Vegas”, Cancun is renowned for outstanding nightlife and wild partying, and there’s a good reason for that. A number of all-inclusive resorts guarantee that you’ll be able to start partying from the time you wake up until you go to sleep, without having to leave your hotel. 

Although Cancun is the most notorious party destination, you can’t go wrong with other Mexican cities and resorts, from Oaxaca de Juarez, Guadalajara, Cholula, Tulum, Cabo San Lucas, and last but not least –  Mexico City.  

Where can I get instant Mexican auto insurance and print it out? 

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