8 Music Festivals in Mexico You Shouldn’t Miss

Apart from the rich history, amazing beaches, cuisine, carnivals, and colorful traditions, tourists from all over the world have another reason to visit Mexican cities and resorts – music! The country is known to host a number of international music events. With the Covid-19 pandemic approaching its end, the event industry is returning to the usual activity schedules. 

After you buy instant Mexico auto insurance, you’ll be ready to hit the road and make it to your music festival on time and without worries. Read on to find out more about the most popular music festivals in Mexico. 

What are the biggest music festivals in Mexico?

Here you’ll learn about some of the most famous, popular, and well-attended music festivals that you’d be able to witness in 2022 and 2023. Whether you’re a fan of techno, house, and electronica, pop, rock, or metal, there’s something for everyone.

Genius Loci

The organizers of this festival use four words to describe the spirit of the event: surf, music, yoga, and love. If you’re into relaxing beats on a private beach in Baja California, while you enjoy the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, you’re in the right place. 


EDC Mexico

EDC is short for Electric Daisy Carnival, a festival founded in Las Vegas. This brand was exported to Mexico City and has seen enormous success. You can count on unforgettable experience, great production, and transformative potential of the art and music.  

Day Zero Festival

Taking place in Tulum, this festival goes over the top every year. Established in 2012, and conceptualized around the final day of the ancient Maya calendar, this six-day event offers a true treat for all senses. A combination of world-renowned producers and live bands adds another dimension to this sensational festival. 

Vive Latino

This is a traditional festival in Mexico City that brings the biggest names in the music industry. It’s held in March, so it’ll be ideal for your spring break. Both international and Latin American artists are known to dominate the main stage, and the event always draws tens of thousands of people. 

Ultra Mexico

This is an international festival brand that started in Miami in 1998. Ultra Mexico is a 2-day celebration of the EDM culture, with attractive stage designs, surreal visuals, top notch production, and a list of most acclaimed DJs. 


If you’re into the revival of psychedelic aesthetics and ethos, Hipnosis is the place to be. The concept of the festival revolves around bands and artists that create modern blends of psychedelic rock, folk, and electronic music. Another factor that contributes to the otherworldly atmosphere is the location of the festival

Carnaval de Bahidora

This festival takes place within the stunning jungle landscape of Morelos. It offers entertaining activities, a great blend of music genres, and an authentic carnival atmosphere. The event is typically taking place in February each year. 

Hell and Heaven Fest

This is an open-air heavy metal festival. It usually takes place in Spring or Fall in Texcoco, in the federal State of Mexico, near the capital city. It attracts numerous local and international fans from all over the world. The set usually includes the greatest names in the industry, ranging from traditional acts, to contemporary metal subgenres. It’s yet to be seen if the festival will return in 2022. 

Where can I buy instant Mexico auto insurance before attending a festival? 

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