Unique Easter Celebrations in Mexico

Mexico is a Catholic country, which means Easter is one of its most important holidays. In fact, Easter is celebrated for a week, which is known as Holy Week or Semana Santa in Mexico. So, if you’ve been thinking of visiting this country, this can be the perfect time to do it. You’ll witness some of the country’s most authentic traditions, join the festivities, and even get to enjoy wonderful weather. 

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What is a unique Semana Santa tradition in Mexico?

Mexico doesn’t have one, but multiple authentic traditions for Easter. Since Mexicans celebrate this holiday over several days, they have a special celebration on almost every day of Semana Santa. The most important celebrations take place on the following days: 

The Arrival of Jesus on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, so Mexicans commemorate this event. Many villages and towns throughout Mexico prepare reenactments of his arrival on a donkey. This year, Palm Sunday is on April 5, so if you decide to visit Mexico in April, you may have an opportunity to attend one such reenactment. 

The Last Supper on Maundy Thursday

On this day, many locals attend Mass with Holy Communion and commemorate multiple events that took place on this day. Namely, on Maundy, Good or Holy Thursday, Jesus was arrested in Gethsemane after the Last Supper and the washing of the apostles’ feet. This is a public holiday, so most businesses, banks, and schools are closed. 

Additionally, apostles kept vigil before Jesus’ arrest while he was praying. To commemorate this, locals visit seven churches in some parts of Mexico. 

The Crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday

On the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, Mexicans attend religious processions, recreate the event through dramatic plays, wear costumes, and carry the statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus through towns and villages. They take the reenactment of the crucifixion seriously and prepare for months in advance. The person who is selected to play Jesus Christ must carry the cross and reenact the last moments of his life. 

The Burning of Judas on Holy Saturday

Although Holy Saturday is typically marked by solemn silence and reflection, some parts of Mexico burn effigies of Judas. At first, Judas’ effigies were made of rags and hay until paper and firework became available. Some effigies can be even up to 16 feet high and burned at local town plazas. The Burning of Judas has become a popular celebration in Mexico and around the world, so attending one while on your Easter vacation can be quite exciting. 

The Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a holy day throughout Mexico celebrated with families and in solemn festivities. Locals attend Mass, visit churches, and have family feasts. In some parts of Mexico, you may be able to join festivities with traditional Mexican music genres, dancing, and fireworks. However, don’t expect the Easter Bunny to show up because this isn’t a custom south of the border. 

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