Why Mexico is an Ideal Choice for Your November Holiday

Most US citizens probably associate November with Thanksgiving . You might forget that there are other ways to celebrate. Why not organize a family trip south of the border and visit some of the wonderful tourist attractions?  

Of course, sometimes the only thing you need for your Mexican adventure is to purchase comprehensive automobile insurance. To learn more about all the reasons why you should definitely consider this for your November break, read on! 

What's Mexico like in November? 

If you wish to avoid the rainy season and truly enjoy Mexico, November is probably the best time of the year. Consider the following three factors:

Friendly weather

The rainy season has settled down, so the temperatures are normally mild, not too hot or humid. You’ll bask in the sun during the day, and enjoy cool evenings in a light sweater. 

This makes an ideal combination for people who wish to travel to some of the central states, or to Cancun, for example. You’ll be able to swim or take part in other water sports, but also to visit remote tourist attractions without having to suffer in the scorching heat.  

Lower prices 

The peak of the tourist season hits in late winter. This means that you can make an arrangement for a significantly lower price. Also, a wider range of hotels and apartments will be available to you.

Chance to truly relax

Also, the chances are you’ll be able to spend quiet moments in popular resorts at this time of the year. There won’t be the usual hustle and bustle of the tourist season. So, apart from saving some cash, you’ll definitely get a chance to fully recharge your batteries.  

What events take place in Mexico during November? 

While many tourists from the US choose to spend Christmas or New Year holidays in Mexico, there are also a variety of things to do and see in November. These include book fairs, film festivals, and trade expos, but also a couple of important public holidays. 

Here are some of the most notable and popular ones: 

Day of the Dead 

This is one of the events that you shouldn’t miss, as it’s a true treat for all senses. The festival is held from October 31st to November 2nd, and it includes All Saints’ Day (November 1st) and All Souls’ Day (Dia de los Muertos). 

A syncretic version of the Catholic Halloween and ancient Aztec rituals, it’s celebrated in a fabulously jovial manner. Families remember their deceased loved ones, visit cemeteries, leave flowers, and wear elaborate masks, bright face paint, and colorful costumes.

Symbols of the festival include:

  • Marigold flowers, which adorn altars and all public spaces, 
  • Butterflies, especially the monarch butterfly, as a symbol of rebirth
  • Skulls, often painted in floral patterns, and they appear everywhere: on posters, decor, candy, murals and candles, symbolizing the dead
  • Pan de Muertos - traditional pastry, which is a centerpiece of every holiday altar.

Revolution Day

The historical day when the Mexican revolution started was on 20th of November 1910. However, it’s traditionally celebrated every 3rd Monday of November. It’s not to be confused with the Mexican Independence Day (16th of September), or Cinco de Mayo, which is obviously in May. which commemorate separate events. 

You should definitely pay a visit to Monumento a la Revolución in downtown Mexico City or take a selfie at the Angel of Revolution. You’ll be able to learn everything about the revolution, and how it shaped Mexican society. Tourists can also attend numerous outdoor events, festivals and parades, and purchase souvenirs with the slogan “Viva Mexico!” at the local bazaar. 

Mexican Thanksgiving

Although this is not an authentic tradition in Mexico, there are many expat US communities living in bigger cities. Therefore, you can reserve a table at a local restaurant and have a Thanksgiving dinner with your family there. Many places have adapted to this imported custom, and can offer you all the traditional meals that you would otherwise serve at home.  

Mexico City Beer Expo

If you’re enthusiastic to try out new beverages, Mexico City Beer Expo is the event for you. This is a great opportunity to try out a variety of authentic brands, craft beers, and to acquire a taste for quality cerveza. Just make sure to avoid driving during that day, and stay safe while traveling

International Book Fair

This presents an excellent opportunity for all lovers of a good read. You’ll be able to check and buy the newest titles from some of the greatest publishing houses from the Spanish speaking world. Bookworms also have the chance to meet the most popular authors and attend some of the book  presentations in Mexico City. 

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