Driving to Mexico: What Every Driver Needs to Know

Whether you prefer driving or simply want a different kind of traveling experience, deciding to drive to Mexico is a wonderful way to explore the country. However, although traveling by car is exciting and enables you to see a country from a completely different perspective, it requires a great deal of preparation and additional considerations, including obtaining adequate car insurance.

Nonetheless, if you take enough time to prepare before your trip, you’ll know everything you need to know before driving to Mexico. This will ensure your trip is filled with excitement, thrill, and relaxation rather than stress and worry. 

Is it safe to drive in Mexico?

A great number of travelers wonder if Mexico, in general, is a safe travel destination. This becomes even more important if you’re planning to drive across the border and explore different parts of the country. 

Simply put, driving to Mexico and within the country is perfectly safe if you follow a few important guidelines. In fact, exploring it by car is a great way to save some money on your Mexican trip and make the most of your visit. 

As for safety guidelines, here are a few helpful tips that will keep you safe while you’re on the road:

- Avoid driving at night. In general, driving at night in a foreign country can be a bit risky, especially if you don’t know the area. This is particularly important if you’re traveling from one city to another.  -nGet advice on the route. Ask around what the best route to your destination is. You can browse the Internet and ask other travelers who’ve visited the part of the country you’re heading to. 

- Gather all the safety information. Adhering to NHTSA road safety guidelines can help you ensure your and your fellow travelers’ safety while exploring Mexico, too. 

- Be fully equipped. This entails having enough water and snacks for a long road trip, maps of the area, and, most importantly, a fully charged phone with emergency numbers. 

- Get ready for poor roads. Not all roads in Mexico are in good condition, especially if you’re planning to get off the beaten track. Toll roads called cuotas are the best ones, but you’ll have to pay the toll every few miles. Speaking of money…

- Make sure to have enough cash on you. You won’t be able to find ATMs on every corner, so make sure to have a stash of both pesos and dollars. Some businesses don’t even accept credit cards, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

- Enjoy the ride. Driving gives you an opportunity to see and experience anything you could think of during your stay in Mexico. You can make a list of all the must-see destinations such as La Bufadora

What do you need to drive into Mexico?

When driving into Mexico, you will need certain documents to cross the border and avoid legal liability while in the country. This is of the utmost importance, so make sure to obtain all of the following documents: 

- A form of identification. In general, this should be your passport, but make sure it’s valid. If you notice that your passport is about to expire or will expire while you are in Mexico, make sure to file a renewal application before your trip. This can take some time, so make sure to do so in advance. 

- Mexican car insurance. Having adequate Mexican auto insurance is a legal requirement in the country because American car insurance is not valid south of the border. 

- Driver’s license. To drive into and across Mexico, you need to have your driver’s license on you at all times. Make sure to check if your license hasn’t expired before you hit the road. 

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