A Guide to Tying the Knot in Mexico

Are you looking for the perfect wedding destination and venue? With lavish haciendas and stunning beaches, Mexico is full of fabulous options for a wedding reception. This makes it a popular choice for brides and grooms looking for something out of the ordinary. However, you do need to take care of a few extra details if you’re planning to tie the knot there.

Keep reading to find out what it takes to organize a wedding in Mexico and get acquainted with some popular local wedding traditions. Apart from taking care of legal details, you should also take out car insurance if you travel to Mexico by car.

Are you legally married if you get married in Mexico?

Mexico consists of 31 states, so the regulations may vary slightly between them. However, there are some general rules that apply across the country:

If you’re legally married in Mexico, the marriage is valid in the U.S. too.

In Mexico, only civil marriages are considered legal. You can have a religious ceremony on top of your civil one, but as far as the authorities are concerned, a church marriage doesn’t count.

The records of the marriage have to be made by a registry office in Mexico.

What do you need to get married in Mexico?

There are certain requirements you’ll need to meet in preparation for your Mexican wedding:

You don’t have to officially reside in Mexico to get married there.

You have to get a tourist permit.

You will need different types of documentation: passports, the copy of your tourist permit,  translated and certified birth certificates, marriage application, certificate saying you’ve been divorced for more than a year (in some states), and the death certificate of a deceased husband or wife (if you’re widowed).

You will probably need to handle additional paperwork if you’re getting married to a Mexican citizen.

In certain states, you will have to do a blood test and chest X-ray before the wedding. These tests have to be done in Mexico.

You may need two, three, or four witnesses, who are 18 or older, depending on the region. They might have to be the residents of your country.

A few extra tips

Wedding ceremonies in Mexico don’t take place on Sundays.

Getting married in a registry office is the most common and the cheapest. However, you can make other arrangements at a fee.

Hiring a wedding planner could be very helpful if you’re organizing a wedding long-distance.

It’s advisable to check all the requirements with local authorities.

What are wedding traditions in Mexico?

You could even incorporate some of Mexico’s most enduring wedding traditions to make your big day really authentic:

La Pedida: Asking the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage is an age-old custom that is still often practiced.

Padrinos: Couples pick friends or relatives to be their padrinos, who will mentor them and help with the wedding financially.

El Lazo: Once the bride and groom exchange vows, they’re tied together with a lasso made from rosary beads, which represents their union.

Las Arras: The groom gifts the bride with thirteen gold coins, which are meant to represent Jesus and the twelve apostles. This symbolizes their vows to each other.

Where should I buy car insurance before going to Mexico?

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