Entertainment in Mexico: How to Have Fun the Mexican Way

Tourists who return to Mexico time and time again love the country’s vibrant and fun-loving spirit. Its unique energy spills over on every visitor and many admire how full of life Mexican people seem to be. If you’d like to find out what people do for fun in Mexico and prepare for future trips to this amazing country, read on. 

Find out more about the hobbies and popular pastimes in Mexico and get ideas on how to unwind Mexican style. When you get a chance to join in on the fun by taking a trip to Mexico, set out to Baja and beyond after getting good Mexican auto insurance. With valid insurance coverage and an understanding of Mexican art and culture, you’ll be able to make the most out of your vacation.

What do Mexican people do for fun?

Mexicans are diligent people who take their work and their responsibility to their family and community very seriously, but what do they do when they want to take a break and unwind? It may come as no surprise that they know how to have great fun and enjoy themselves. Here are some of Mexico’s favorite leisure activities:

  • Television: Mexico pioneered the telenovela (soap opera) genre and it’s still one of the biggest producers of this hugely popular TV format. These wildly exciting stories typically feature the fight between good and evil, forbidden romance, and dramatic plot twists. Mexicans also like tuning in to soccer matches, news programs, sitcoms, reality shows, and more.

  • Sports: Many Mexican people are absolutely crazy about soccer and they’re very passionate about supporting their favorite sports team as well as the national team of Mexico. Boxing, basketball, baseball, and football are other sports that get a lot of attention.

  • Siesta: Much like the rest of the world, the people of Mexico love taking a break from hard work and letting their hair down. However, what sets siestas apart is that these sessions have made a name for themselves. Based in a Spanish tradition, siesta takes the art of enjoying life to the next level and gives it a name that’s become recognizable all over the world.

  • Rodeos: Bull riding, or jaripeo, is a deep-rooted Mexican tradition. Cowboys are an enduring cultural image in Mexico. The competitors who take part in bull riding events need to exhibit the strength, perseverance, and stamina of a trained athlete as they try to mount a bull and stay on it while it’s bucking.

  • Arts and crafts: Mexico is well-known for its long artistic traditions, so many people try their hand at crafting ornaments or other types of artwork and everyday objects. This is especially true of families where these skills are passed down from generation to generation. 

  • Parties: Who doesn’t love a good fiesta? Whether they’re large-scale national holidays with colorful street parades or private gatherings for their family and friends, Mexican parties are always a fun way to pass the time. Add some delicious food and upbeat music to the mix and everyone’s guaranteed to have a great time!

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