A Guide to Popular Mexican Holidays

Mexico has a lot to offer all year round but the perfect time to visit is probably when one of the national festivities is taking place. If you like holiday cheer, colorful national costumes, and fascinating traditions, learn more about the best loved Mexican holidays and the traditions linked to them. 

When you get a chance to visit Mexico, schedule your vacation so you can experience one of the amazing Mexican holidays. Learning more about the Mexican climate and geographical features will help you choose the best time of year for your trip. Getting reliable car insurance for Mexico travel should be another priority when you’re planning the vacation. 

Stay well-informed as well as totally carefree while you’re taking part in fun Mexican celebrations.

What are the main holidays in Mexico?

There are many public and religious holidays that are celebrated throughout Mexico. These and many other interesting festivals can make your stay in Mexico amusing and unique. Here are a few of the most popular Mexican holidays that tourists could enjoy as well:

Three Kings’ Day (Día de Reyes)

This Catholic holiday is marked on January 6th. It is celebrated in honor of the Three Kings who gave gifts to baby Jesus after his birth. Similar to Santa Claus, the Three Kings are said to bring presents to children. 

As with most religious holidays, Mexicans celebrate with their families, throw a feast and enjoy traditional food. They eat a round cake with dried fruit called the Rosca de Reyes.

The Day of the Constitution (Día de la Constitución)

February 5th marks the signing of the Mexican constitution. Colorful parades are thrown throughout the country. People gather in the streets wearing costumes and listening to the music played by marching bands. The day commemorates Mexican freedom and democracy.

Mothers’ Day (Día de las Madres)

Mothers’ Day, which is celebrated on May 10th, is a popular family holiday. Schools often organize concerts and recitals where students have music and dance performances with their mothers in the audience. Children also give their mothers small gifts.  Also, families throw get-togethers to show their appreciation for the mother of the family. 

Independence Day (Día de la Independencia)

Mexican Independence Day, marked on September 16th, commemorates the Mexican War of Independence. Mexican gather in the streets of Mexico City to watch a military parade and a fireworks display. They eat meat stuffed chiles in a walnut sauce called nogada, as well as pozole, a traditional stew.

The Christmas Season (Navidad y las Posadas)

Christmas festivities begin on December 16th and last until Christmas Day. For nine nights, Mexicans organize street processions, sing carols, drink fruit punch, eat tamales, and break piñatas. They remember Mary and Joseph’s Biblical journey to Bethlehem in the days leading up to Jesus’s birth. Many families throw a gathering, often beginning with a prayer and Bible reading.

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