Everything You Need to Know About Summer in Mexico

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Before you go into all the details regarding your trip and select your destination, let’s find out how hot Mexico can get in summer and what you can do there in July. If you’re planning to drive from San Diego to Baja California, go online and find out why this beautiful state is worth visiting and enjoy your trip to the fullest! 

How hot is Mexico in the summer?

In Mexico, there are two main climate seasons: rainy (May to the middle of October) and dry (from the mid of October to April). During the summer months in this country, it can get pretty hot, with an average high over 90° Fahrenheit.

However, being a vast country, Mexico has one of the most diverse climates in the world. The summer temperatures increase gradually from the northern parts of the country to the south. What’s more, how hot your summer in Mexico will be will also depend on the altitude of the city you’re visiting. For insurance, if you’re traveling to the capital, you may expect a slightly cooler climate than in some other parts of the country due to its high altitude.  

What is the hottest month in Mexico?

The hot season in Mexico lasts about three and a half months (June-September), with the end of July and August being the hottest months in the year. However, the average temperature will vary from one part of the country to another.

For example, while in Yucatan the average high is at 93° Fahrenheit in August, in Baja, it can reach as high as 111° Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the Pacific Coast weather is slightly cooler with highs reaching 91° Fahrenheit and lows staying at around 70° Fahrenheit. When it comes to weather in Mexico City and the interior of the country, it is a bit different from the other regions, with the hottest month being May when the temperature highs can reach 70° Fahrenheit.

What is the hottest part of Mexico?

The southeast of Mexico is the hottest part of this country, with Tabasco being the hottest state. It has a hot tropical climate, greatly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico from the north. Unlike other Mexican states, Tabasco has a lot of rainfall throughout the year, with an average of 8.37 ft. Due to abundant precipitation, this state is subject to frequent floods, and it boasts numerous lakes and rivers.

In Tabasco, the annual temperature averages at 81°F. The hottest month is May, with average temperature highs of 97°F. It is followed by Yucatán, with average annual temperatures of 78.6°F, and then Campeche and Quintana Roo with 78.4°F.

When it comes to the highest temperature ever recorded in Mexico, the Sonora Desert took first place with the recorded temperature of 134° Fahrenheit in the shade.

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