Sports & Recreation in Mexico

Mexico is synonymous with big, loud social gatherings and slow-paced living, which are only some of the attractions that capture the interest of millions of tourists each year. The love of sports and games is a staple of Mexico’s lifestyle as much as colorful traditional crafts and authentic art movements are. If you’d like to understand Mexican culture through and through, get to know what the best loved sports in Mexico are.

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What are Mexico’s sports traditions?

Sport is a long-standing Mexican tradition, going all the way back to the Mayan civilization. An ancient ballcourt discovered in Mexico, which dates back to 1,400 BC, was used to play a sport where the players would score points by passing a ball through a stone hoop. 

Another sport that’s rooted in Mexico’s distant past is bullfighting, which the Spanish brought with them to the New World. Mexico is home to the world’s biggest bullring, Plaza Mexico, located in the capital, Mexico City. The charreada, which originated from the same tradition, is Mexico’s national sport, similar to a rodeo. 

What kind of sports do they play in Mexico?

Except for the sports that have traditionally been played by the people of Mexico, in more recent times, other sports have been adopted, including:

  • Boxing: Mexican boxers are some of the most accomplished in the world. For example, Julio Cesar Chavez won the title of world champion six times. 

  • Baseball: The country has produced many top-tier baseball players, with baseball being a strong presence in a number of Mexican states. 

  • Soccer: Last but not least, soccer has become inextricably linked with Mexico. It is one of the most widely enjoyed national sports. 

Is soccer a part of Mexican culture?

You can bet it is! Soccer is a major part of life in Mexico and most of Mexico’s population enjoys watching it, playing it, and discussing the latest game whenever they get a chance. 

Typically, Mexicans are passionate about standing by their local teams, such as the high-ranking Club America, Chivas, Deportivo Toluca, and Cruz Azul. Their games garner a lot of media attention and are followed throughout the country. 

Mexicans are also avid supporters of the national soccer team, which is one of the best in Latin America and the world. During their games, thousands of eager fans cheer them on from the stands dressed in green, red, and white.

Mexico takes great pride in its top soccer players, such as Javier Chicharito Hernández and Hirving Lozano. The country has produced a number of sports champions who’ve achieved international success. For example, Hugo Sánchez Márquez has been dubbed the best soccer player of the 20th century in North and South America.

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