An Insight Into Mexican Family Culture

Honoring family traditions and keeping strong family ties are the values that are deeply embedded in the Mexican way of life. Mexicans are brought up to uphold family customs, maintain family connections, and respect their elders. To find out just how important family life is in Mexican culture, read on.

After you get to know more about the locals’ lifestyle, you’ll feel totally at home once you go on your trip to Mexico. You may also wish to get to know the most important geographic features of Mexico. Your new Mexican friends will surely appreciate you taking an interest in their country and culture. 

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What is family life like in Mexico?

Family is at the core of the Mexican lifestyle. Here are a few features that can often apply to a Mexican family:

  • Large extended family: Mexican families stick together. Big family gatherings are the norm. It is common even for distant relatives to keep in touch and socialize regularly. It is a given that family members should look out for each other and provide a support network for relatives facing difficult times.

  • Multigenerational households: Although nowadays more and more people live in smaller, nuclear families, several generations living together in one household is a long-standing tradition in Mexico. If adult children move out of the parental home, they usually do it when they get married and not necessarily when they come of age.

  • The roles of women and men: Traditionally, Mexican families have been patriarchal. Although this is gradually changing in recent times, men are generally expected to conform to macho ideals while women should model themselves after the feminine ideal called Marianismo

  • Respect for the elders: The father of the family has traditionally been considered to be the head of the family, called jefe de familia. He is commonly the chief authority in the household, who is in charge of all major decisions. Senior female members of the family are also revered.

  • Commitment and loyalty: Mexicans are usually strongly encouraged to stay true to their family and community values. Being a respected and reputable member of the community as well as making your family proud are very important to most Mexicans.

Why is family important in Mexican culture?

The role of family is inextricably linked with the Mexican identity. Family ties usually come first to Mexican people, taking precedence over career or social life outside the family. The Mexican view of the family is based on traditional values, stemming both from Mexico’s indigenous and Catholic heritage. 

Both of these traditions are patriarchal, put each family member in a set role, encourage a sense of belonging to a community, and place great value on spiritual practices and rituals. They intertwined and merged to form a unique set of customs and beliefs related to the family, similarly to how the main Mexican holiday traditions formed. 

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