How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Mexico

Are you planning something special for a loved one’s birthday or want to celebrate your own in a major way? Why don’t you go all out and celebrate this important day Mexican-style? Birthdays are a perfect time to indulge a little by going on a vacation abroad. And Mexico is a really good choice because it’s known for delicious food, great weather, and a contagious joie de vivre. 

Read on to learn more about the best things to do for your birthday in Mexico and what some of their most amusing birthday traditions are. You can then effortlessly purchase a quote buy print auto insurance for your trip and get everything ready in time for the big day.

What should I do for my birthday in Mexico?

As the perfect party location, many pick Mexico as the location of their wedding reception, honey moon, or birthday bash. But what exactly should you do to mark the occasion and make your stay truly memorable? You could pick anything from a lavish dinner in a traditional restaurant to a fun and playful beach party. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a more authentic experience if you add some unique Mexican traditions to the mix.

How are birthdays celebrated in Mexican culture?

Mexicans have their very own traditional birthday customs that can make your party feel extra special:

Las Mañanitas: This is a Mexican equivalent of the “Happy Birthday” song. Everyone gathers around the cumpleañera or cumpleañero and sings it together. The lyrics talk of well-wishers coming together “with affection and pleasure to congratulate” the person. It’s sometimes performed in the style of the mariachi. 

La Mordida chant: In Spanish, mordida means “bribe”, but when it comes to birthday parties, it’s used to mean “taking a bite”. If it’s your birthday, you have to take a bite out of the cake using your mouth only while your friends chant . Your friends may even push your whole face down into the cake and tease you a bit, all in good fun.

Piñatas: They were traditionally colorful clay pots with five peaks, filled with toys and candy. Children would hit them to break them and get to the goodies inside. Today it’s more common to find paper mache piñatas in different fun shapes. 

Tasty food: Mexican typically have birthday feasts with beautifully decorated tables and a wide selection of delicacies, like sopapillas, rice pudding, churros, and caramel flan. They may have a toast with margaritas or tequilas.  

La Quinceañera: This celebration is a girl’s rite of passage. If you have a daughter who’s about to turn 15, you could throw La Quinceañera just for her. She will get to wear a fancy dress, be showered with gifts, and have the day be all about her.

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