Your Safe Mexican Road Trip: Quick Guide

The Mexican Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With its warm climate, beautiful beaches and rich culture, it's easy to see why people flock to this country every year. But before you plan your trip to Mexico, think about safety and purchasing car insurance coverage!

In this blog post we will find out what border crossing is considered the safest, which roads have the best safety rating for tourists, and more, so read on!

What is the safest border crossing into Mexico?

A safe trip south of the US-MX border is the best way to have a great time. It's important that you have all of your pre-trip preparations in order before embarking on your journey. Besides the passport and other paperwork to keep in mind, one big part of this is picking which border crossing will be safest for you. Here's a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing a border crossing: 

  • What is the terrain like? 
  • Is it a busy crossing? 
  • If the crossing is popular, what are the busiest hours? 
  • Are there any risks of crime and violence?

Given all relevant factors, the safest crossing is Laredo-Colombia Border Crossing, located on the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge. Here are three factors that make it so safe: 

  • First of all, it has the fewest amount of traffic with only around 100,000 vehicles per year.
  • Secondly, the terrain is very hilly and curvy, making it difficult for people to speed. This makes for a much slower crossing and less opportunity for accidents to happen.
  • Finally, this border crossing is located in a rural area which means that there is less opportunity for crime to take place.

What are some of the busiest border crossings? 

San Diego - Tijuana

With over 26 million vehicles per year, it's no wonder why San Diego - Tijuana border crossing is the most popular. The terrain is relatively flat and it has a very busy schedule, with people coming and going 24/7. Because of its high traffic volume, it can be a bit more dangerous, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.

El Paso - Ciudad Juárez

With over 18 million vehicles per year, this border crossing sees a lot of action. The terrain is mostly flat and has minimal curves. This makes for a smooth ride but can be dangerous if you're not paying attention to the road. It's much less crowded than it used to be, but still sees plenty of traffic during certain periods - weekends mostly.

The Ojinaga - Presidio

This border crossing has about one million vehicles every year coming through here. The landscape is mostly flat, but the path does have some curves. It's not as busy as other crossings so it can be a bit safer for those who are looking to avoid crowds while still getting across safely. This crossing has been known to experience heavy fog during certain months of the year, so make sure you're prepared if that happens!

What is the safest route to drive through Mexico? 

The all-time favorite route among casual tourists and surfing enthusiasts is the Pacific Route. It has the following advantages: 

  1. It’s well-maintained and has good infrastructure. This means that the roads are in good condition and there are plenty of gas stations and other amenities along the way.
  2. The route is lightly traveled. This means that you're less likely to encounter dangerous traffic conditions or criminal activity.
  3. There are many military checkpoints along the way. These provide one of the most effective deterrents to drug cartel activity, since no criminal wants to get caught by soldiers!
  4. It's a scenic route and provides many opportunities for sightseeing. You'll see amazing beaches like Playa de Los Muertos in Manzanillo.
  5. It offers many options for experienced and amateur surfers
  6. It’s one of the most affordable routes through Mexico. You'll save money on gas and food costs by taking this route.

Who do I call when I need Mexico car insurance coverage?

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