Your Mexican December Getaway: A Quick Guide

You may wonder what is the ideal way to spend your upcoming vacation. How about crossing the US-Mexican border to bask in the mild December sun? While some people may prefer winter sports and alpine landscapes, sunbathing and swimming in December may be an even better way to recharge your batteries before a long winter.  

When you have already packed your things, you just need full automobile insurance coverage to have a safe journey in Mexico. Get in your vehicle, and kick off your adventure. To explore the advantages of Mexican getaways in December, continue reading! 

Is December a good time to go to Mexico?

December is definitely one of the best months to visit Mexico. Some travelers might expect the weather to be humid or too cold. On the contrary, weather conditions are much more welcoming. First off, you should forget about the four-season calendar. In Mexico, there are only two of them: 

  • The dry season, lasting from December to April, arid, but temperate, and
  • The wet season, starting in May, with high temperatures, humidity, and frequent storms.

Since December is right at the beginning of the dry season, it’s ideal for your visit. You should expect very little to no rain and moderate temperatures, normally around 82°F. You’ll have opportunities to enjoy sightseeing and a variety of outdoor activities during the day, and to get quality rest during the evenings. This is one of the many reasons travelers choose to book their vacation for the Christmas holidays in Cancun, Oaxaca, Mexico City, or elsewhere in Mexico.



What are some popular destinations to visit in December?

When you follow the 3000-mile winter migration route of monarch butterflies, you’ll surely find yourself surrounded by natural and cultural wonders. Here’s a list of the most popular destinations you can pick from: 

  • Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of Baja California del Sur, this resort city is praised for its picturesque sea arches, pristine beaches, and rich marine life. It has a diverse cultural scene, making it a very popular choice for families and young people alike. Moreover, nature lovers use the opportunity to watch humpback whales during their annual migration.
  • Puerto Vallarta, a thriving beachside community in the state of Jalisco, with all the perks of urban lifestyle and nightlife. You can try out some local seafood specialties. Culinary experts recommend ceviche, grilled mahi-mahi, and red snapper in birria paste. 
  • Tequila Country, a magical place of agave fields, is just an hour away from Guadalajara. It’s the best area for tequila aficionados and historians to learn more about the origin and development of Mexico's national drink. 
  • Puerto Escondido, the location of the world-famous Zicatela Pipeline in the state of Oaxaca, is one of the finest places for avid surfing enthusiasts. This resort isn’t so easily accessible, so you wouldn’t be bothered by huge crowds of tourists.
  • Riviera Maya, a beautiful tourist district in the federal state of Quintana Roo, is famous for its all-inclusive resorts and an abundance of historical sites in the vicinity. Whether you’re planning to visit in early or late November or later, you’ll have a memorable vacation. 
  • Island of Cozumel, a special part of Riviera Maya. Its remoteness makes it an exceptional jewel of the Caribbean coast. It’s recognized for its intimate atmosphere, clear beaches, low-key nightlife, and reef exploration opportunities. 

Can you swim in Mexico in December?

December in Mexico is the ideal time for a variety of activities in and around the water. Moderate daytime temperatures allow for open water and pool swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more. Visitors who are into adrenaline sports can look forward to the following thrilling options: 

  • Speed boating
  • Kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • White water rafting
  • Paddleboarding
  • Surfing
  • Flyboard

Keep note: you can enjoy all of these activities, just as long as you stick with reliable tourist companies. To stay safe, carefully research the area you’re visiting, prepare for emergency scenarios, and follow local safety guidelines.  

Who offers comprehensive automobile insurance coverage to international travelers in Mexico?

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