7 Similarities Between the U.S. and Mexico

When comparing the U.S. and Mexico, most are quick to point out the differences. However, contrary to popular belief, the two neighboring countries have many things in common. Instead of focusing solely on how the U.S. and Mexico differ, read on to find out more about the similarities between Mexican and U.S. history, culture, and way of life.

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What do the United States and Mexico have in common?

Apart from their 2000-mile-long border, there is a lot more that the U.S. and Mexico share. Here are a few ways the countries resemble each other:

  • Geography: Both countries cover vast areas and have long coastlines, situated on two oceans. Both of their populations are large and ethnically diverse. The climates are equally varied, ranging from scorching desert heat to snow-covered mountain peaks.
  • System of government: The U.S. and Mexico have presidents as chiefs of state and federal systems of government. They are similarly divided into states, each with its own state governor and legislature. Both have constitutions as their supreme legal documents.
  • Colonial past: The countries share a rich indigenous culture and a history of European conquest. The fight for independence from European colonial rule is similarly commemorated: Mexico’s Independence Day is on September 16th.
  • Supersize culture: Both nations have a love of plenty. We are maximalists who always want more options, bigger sizes, and better features. In our cultures of abundance, nothing is too much or over the top. 

What are three aspects of Mexican culture that are similar to the United States?

 Despite some persistent myths about Mexico, the U.S. and Mexican lifestyles and cultures are more similar than you may think. The three most noticeable cultural similarities are:

  • The cultural figure of the cowboy: Both countries have a long-standing ideal of the cowboy, or charro, as he is called in Spanish. This romanticized image of a tough, hard-working, lasso-wielding farmer has long persisted in our collective imaginations.
  • The love of sports: Both nations are huge fans of sport. While American football is the most popular sport in the U.S, Mexico is absolutely crazy about fútbol. Don’t let the name mislead you because these are not the same sport. Fútbol is actually the Spanish name for soccer.
  • Food and drink: As famous as Mexicans are for their fiestas and fascinating Mexican folklore, delicious Mexican cuisine is probably what the nation is best-known for. The majority of Americans enjoy tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and other Mexican dishes as much as the average Mexican. Both nations also love good beer, which is the most popular alcoholic beverage in both countries.

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