Your Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary – In the Other California

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Maybe you are new to the mesmerizing Mexico, and perhaps you’ve already experienced some of its charms. Contact a reliable Mexican car insurance provider, collect your temporary Mexico auto insurance, and plan your trip! But first you need to pick a destination, and that won’t be easy. There are so many surprising things to see and do in Mexico, from exploring the Hermosillo wonders to unwinding at the amazing Costa Maya shores, and you should definitely experience the exotic adventure of a lifetime: a road trip following the well-known Mexican Ruta 1, a trip that will allow you to truly enjoy the amazing scenery and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Hurry up! There’s plenty of unforgettable memories just waiting to be made!

Knowing the road is loving the road

Mexican Ruta 1, officially called Carretera Federal 1, or The Federal Highway 1, is a long roadway passing through Baja California peninsula. It stretches from the city of Tijuana on the far north to Los Cabos municipality on the south, connecting locations such as Ensenada, Guerrero Negro, Loreto, La Paz and Todos Santos along the way.

Once you’re on Ruta 1, you are entering a 1,063 miles long span of Mexican land. This means that you’ll be required to obey the appropriate traffic laws and regulations. Having temporary Mexico auto insurance is essential, so make sure you’ve acquired it before hitting the road.

Step 1: The north of the peninsula

The city of Tijuana is a first stop you must make when exploring the wonders along the Ruta 1 road. Enjoy what this city has in store for you, as it is quite a spread: magnificent beaches, original craft beers, amazing street murals… Tijuana is well-known as a bullfighting scene, so be sure to check out its bullring Plaza de Toros Monumental while you are in town.

Driving south, you will soon reach the Ensenada town. Ensenada is well known for high-quality wine and tasty seafood, so make sure to try both. Also, don’t miss to take a look at La Bufadora, a magnificent sea water geyser, rising more than 30 feet above the sea level.

Step 2: Exploring Baja California Sur

After you leave Ensenada to go further south, you are looking at a 10-hour drive until the next interesting spot, Guerrero Negro. Still, the drive will be worth it, as this town is a host to an incredible event, the whale watching season.

If you happen to go through this town out of the season, take a good rest from a long trip, and head out to Loreto, a town-monument of Baja California’s rich religious past.
Your next stop should be La Paz, which beaches will blow you away! Swim with the sea lions, watch the whales, set out for a relaxing walk along Malecón waterfront, and take the tour around the town, visit the La Paz historic district, and enjoy a warm, family atmosphere. There are many landmarks, historical buildings and monuments La Paz has to offer, such as La Paz Cathedral, Dove of Peace Monument. Try not to miss them before you hit the road again.

Make sure not to end your Baja California adventure without visiting Los Cabos, an area that covers the space taken by two amazing cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Juan del Cabo. The link between these cities is a short motorway passage, so you can easily explore both, rounding up this amazing road trip adventure.

An important reminder: Don’t forget your temporary Mexico auto insurance

Feeling excited about this voyage? Rightfully so! However, be careful, as there’s a long way ahead of you, and the traffic regulations and their application differ to what you know, once you’ve crossed the border. Still, no need to worry. Leave this matter in capable hands of Oscar Padilla Mexican Auto Insurance. Get your mandatory temporary Mexico auto insurance quickly and easily, and free your mind for planning the adventure. Contact us today!