Amazing Places to Visit on the Baja California Peninsula

Mexico is a beautiful country, famous for its rich history and outstanding art, but its most appealing trait is that it’s a vividly colorful and fun place to stay. Thinking about visiting this amazing land? Contact a reputable Mexican auto insurance company, inquire about Mexico car insurance cost, make an easy online purchase, and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Cruising the Baja California peninsula

Baja California and Baja California Sur are sovereign Mexican states, spread across north and south parcels of the Baja California peninsula. Along this 775-mile stretch of incredible land, any voyager can find something that suits their traveling preferences. Mexico offers many not-to-miss thrilling spots, and, believe it or not, visiting Mexico in the fall is going to be an adventure to remember. Here is our pick of some of the most amazing localities to visit on your voyage across Baja California peninsula.

A glass of wine at Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is a charming village in the Ensenada Municipality, known for its luxury eco resorts, beautiful pools, and excellent cuisine. However, its best known for its exquisite wineries, offering the best wine sorts at really affordable prices. Romantic souls, wine lovers, and gourmands, don’t miss the chance to make Ville de Guadalupe your first stop on your exciting Baja California exploration.

The stunning rock paintings of Sierra de San Francisco

Sierra de San Francisco, a famous mountain range in northwestern Mexico, is a real show-stopping spot for active types. The UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site since 1993, there is more to Sierra de San Francisco than meets the eye. It is the place enriched by stunning rock art pictographs created by Cochimi people, the aboriginal Baja California inhabitants. A wast area of around 250 caves to explore attracts numerous tourists to this one-of-a-kind location.

Exotic fish of Isla Espiritu Santo

The Holy Spirit Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve since 1995. As the island is completely uninhabited, it is a wonderful place for any traveler to unwind. Take some time to recharge and rejuvenate by connecting with stunning nature, surrounded by crystal-clear sea and the bluest sky you have ever seen. This island is a home to numerous species of exotic fish, birds, and turtles.

Mulegé, the heavenly oasis

This wonderful little town will give you a taste of heaven, as it is a real green oasis surrounded with a dry desert area covered in rocks and sand. While passing through, enjoy the amazing landscape, and make sure to pay a visit to a local old prison, specifically built without bars or any other defenses.

The salvation at Tortugueros Las Playitas

The periphery of Todos Santos twin cities, on the very south of Baja California Sur, is an area with many wonderful beaches, and Tortugueros Las Playitas is the one you will surely remember for a long time. In the mornings, locals and volunteers visit the beach, locating the endangered turtle species nests, and organizing transport of the unprotected eggs to the town sanctuary. In the evenings, newly hatched turtles are released in the ocean.

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