Guide to Planning a Trip to Mexico

You don’t have to go to a distant part of the world to experience some of the most diverse cultures, especially if you’re from the U.S. Mexico is right across the border and it is bound to delight you with its countless attractions. In fact, traveling to Mexico by car is one of the most exciting ways to explore it since this means of transportation will enable you to follow your own pace and make unexpected stops and turns. 

However, before heading down to this land of wonders, you should take all the necessary steps to prepare. This includes obtaining valid, yet cheap Mexican insurance, taking some time to prepare and plan a group trip, and more. Adequate preparation will help ensure your safety and security while still enabling you to be spontaneous. 

How do I plan a trip to Mexico?

There are many reasons to choose Mexico as your next travel destination and its rich culture and history are just some of them. To make the most of your Mexican trip and avoid any unpleasantries, you should follow some of the essential preparation steps:

- Gather some basic information. Learning more about Mexico, its culture, weather, and regions can help you plan your trip better and personalize your traveling experience. It will also help you discover some of its famous attractions or learn about off-the-beaten-track destinations you can have all to yourself. 

- Prepare all the documentation. This is a prerequisite for traveling to Mexico, so make sure to inform yourself whether you’ll need visa while staying in Mexico or if you should acquire auto insurance. 

- Decide when to go. Do you enjoy traveling during peak seasons or prefer more private periods? Do you want to spend your days enjoying beautiful sunny days at a white, sandy beach? Then determine what the best timing for your needs and expectations is. 

- Learn some phrases. Knowing some basic phrases in Spanish can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re traveling to a remote location. 

- Find out how to stay safe. From informing yourself about road safety to gathering the necessary health information, staying safe should be your top priority. 

What do you need for a trip to Mexico?

If you’re wondering what to pack for your trip to Mexico, this will greatly depend on the type of your trip. Are you going on a road trip or planning to spend your vacation in one place?

Either way, here are some of the items you simply must pack (just remember to leave some room for the best souvenirs Mexico has to offer):

- Passport and other personal and travel documentation, both yours and your family’s

- Some money (US dollars or Mexican pesos) on you, as well as your credit card

- Driver's license and travel insurance, including valid car insurance 

- Season-friendly clothing with a few warm pieces just in case

- Personal hygiene products, sunscreen and bug repellents

- Any medication that you must take on a regular basis

- A pair of comfortable shoes for walking/hiking

- Phone and laptop chargers

Can I take my car to Mexico?

Traveling by car to Mexico is a great way to experience it, especially if you’re visiting an area close to the border such as Baja California. However, you may be wondering whether there are some legal requirements preventing you from doing so. 

Unless it’s a stolen car, you’re allowed to drive to Mexico, but you may need some additional documentation. If, however, your want to import your car because you’re moving there, this may bring a slightly more complex legal process that can vary from one part of the country to another. Your safest option is to find an attorney and inform yourself about all the legal requirements for transferring your car to Mexico. 

What do you need to go to Mexico by car?

Mexican auto insurance is a must-have document you need to have if you’re planning to travel south of the border by car. Obtaining an adequate policy is a legal requirement that can protect you in case of certain legal liabilities.

Fortunately, acquiring such a policy is effortless with Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance. We offer you extensive, yet cheap Mexican insurance policies that you can purchase online in just a few simple steps. You just need to pick a coverage that suits your needs and share a few important details with us. It’s that simple, time-saving, and reliable, so contact us today!