The Charms of Mexican Cuisine

Uniquely tasteful Mexican cuisine is definitely one of the features Mexico is most famous for and for a reason. So, whether you’re traveling to Mexico with your family or friends, savoring Mexican food should definitely be on your to-try list since the country’s cuisine is an important aspect of ancient Mexican culture.  

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So, here’s what characterizes Mexican food and what you should know about proper mealtime etiquette. 

What is the national dish of Mexico?

You’re probably already familiar with Mexican food such as tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, tostadas, and others. However, the definite emblem of Mexican cuisine and all its richness is mole (mo-LAY). Mole is a type of sauce with a rich, thick texture. It goes perfectly with meat and rice. What’s more, any mole leftovers can be used for other Mexican foods, including tamales and enchiladas.

This Mexican sauce comes in many different forms and can vary in color depending on the ingredients used and the region. Generally, all mole variants contain fruit, chili, and nuts while chocolate is an essential ingredient of all dark moles. 

So, if mole sounds like something you would definitely try while being in Mexico, here are some of the most popular mole-based recipes:

- Holy Mole Ice Cream, a treat with a delightful flavor.

- Mole Rojo, one of the most popular spicy, yet mild mole variants.

- Mole Verde, a type of mole sauce with a mild flavor, but thick texture.

- Cacahuatl Chili, a tasty Tex-Mex chilli in combination with a rich mole sauce.

What is served for breakfast in Mexico?

Starting your day with a rich Mexican breakfast dish is always a great idea because lunch is typically served later in the day, around 4, 5 p.m. As for breakfast, you can expect it any time from 7 to 10 a.m.

Depending on which part of Mexico you’re visiting, breakfast dishes can greatly vary, but you will typically have eggs and corn-based options available. Here are some of the breakfast dishes you should definitely try for the first meal of your day. 

- Guajolota is one of the most popular breakfast options, especially in Mexico City. This dish is hearty and delicious, and you can eat it on the go.

- Chilaquiles is another star of Mexican cuisine popular in breakfast spots, family homes, street food stalls, etc.

- Huevos Motuleños is a Yucatán breakfast specialty, so you should definitely try it if you’re visiting this region. It’s both sweet and savory - the perfect combo!

- Enchiladas are a great option for breakfast since they are light, yet extremely filling, coming in more than a few variations. 

What time is dinner in Mexico?

Informing yourself about the mealtimes in Mexico is a great way to avoid confusion and arriving at a restaurant for lunch only to find yourself waiting for hours. So, here’s what you need to know: 

- Desayuno is a type of light Mexican breakfast that typically includes coffee and pastry.

- Almuerzo is a heartier breakfast meal that’s generally served from 9 a.m. to noon.

- Comida is lunch, the main meal that consists of several courses, including soup, main dish, salad, and dessert.

- Cena refers to dinner and it’s served from 7 to 9 p.m.

What foods can be brought into Mexico?

If you’re planning to bring some of your own food to Mexico, you should be careful about which ingredients and foods you’re planning to bring. You’re not allowed to bring any items that can cause disease outbreaks or pest infestations. This refers mainly to:

- Homemade foods

- Beef

- Pork

- Poultry

Should you need more information on the items you can bring into Mexico or back into the U.S., you can research the customs and import restrictions

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