Mexican Insurance Guide to Mexico’s Magic Towns, Part 2

In one of our previous Mexican Insurance guides, we talked about Mexico’s magic towns, places with cultural or historical significance that the government felt help preserve the spirit of Mexico. So-called Pueblos Mágicos, these towns are usually isolated from the dynamic tourist resorts and offer a better insight into Mexico’s culture and traditions. In this article, we are going to list five more magic towns you should consider visiting if you want your trip to Mexico to be a truly memorable one.

Tulum & Bacalar, near Playa Del Carmen

Tulum and Bacalar are both located near Playa Del Carmen, the former being only an hour away from the tourist-rich city. Tulum was named a magic town recently, back in 2015. Its main appeal lies in hidden treasures like ancient Mayan ruins, lively hotels influenced by the hippie culture, as well as organic restaurants. The city is surrounded by natural reserves, lagoons and wonderful beaches that are bound to leave you breathless.

On the other hand, Bacalar has been a Pueblo Magico for a bit longer, since 2006. Only three hours away from Playa Del Carmen, Bacalar’s main attraction is the San Felipe Fort, which has seen its share of pirate raids, Spanish conquerors, and Mayan heritage.

Taxco, near Acapulco

Taxco has been named a Pueblo Magico back in 2002 and is just a four-hour ride from the vastly more famous city of Acapulco. It was once an important silver mining colony filled with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Taxco will let you experience days long gone as the facades date back to that era and are well preserved, while old churches still rise above the red brick roofs. Even though its silver mining colony days are over, the craftsmanship is still passed on through generations. Therefore, if you are looking for authentic silver jewelry you are bound to find something you’ll like in Taxco.

Mazunte, near Puerto Escondido

Just an hour away from Puerto Escondido, Mazunte is a wonderful yet simple coastal town. Even though it lacks all the commodities tourists look for in a resort, it still manages to attract an abundance of nature lovers from all around. It was named a magic town in 2015 and its main attraction is the Museum of Sea Turtles, founded back in the 70’s. The hotels and food in this town are both very affordable.

Cosala, near Mazatlan

This town’s origins date back two thousand years. Cosalá was a settlement founded by indigenous tribes. The Spanish discovered the rich mines the natives left behind and the vast mining potential led them to build a settlement of their own. It was one of the most important sources of gold and silver for centuries. The town is an ideal destination for people who like mysteries, as it boasts secret tunnels, spooky mines and a church on the graveyard.

Comala, near Manzanillo

Fifteen years ago this so called white town was named a Pueblo Magico. Comala gets the nickname from its bright white facades contrasting the red roofs. Coffee lovers especially favor Comala as the town offers some of the finest, freshly-harvested coffee around.