Mexican Car Insurance Guide to Visiting Mexico on a Budget

The vast diversity of cultural, culinary and natural wonders makes Mexico a great destination for tourists who want to experience something new and exciting. Although people more frequently discuss the default go-to destinations, the fact is Mexico is a huge country with many interesting and extremely diverse sights to behold. Because it is also extremely inexpensive and affordable, Mexico is a great destination for travelers on a budget.

Traveling To Mexico on a Budget

For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you have decided to visit a very special part of Mexico: the Yucatan peninsula. This area is ideal for most tourists as it is probably one of the most diverse parts of Mexico, a region where you can experience both their rich history and culture as well as the exciting nightlife. Mysterious Mayan wonders, white sand beaches, fantastic cuisine, and untamable jungles: Yucatan has it all.

Means of Transport

Many tourists choose to travel via a budget airline and from there use public transportation or taxis. Some tourists even choose to go by a car, but use public transport once they’ve reached their destination. Either way, get to know the routes of the public transport and get to know how taxis work in Mexico. Since most taxis don’t have a meter, first request a price for the destination you need.

Mexican Car Insurance

If you plan on traveling to Mexico via a car, don’t forget you need to have a separate Mexican Car Insurance policy. Your US or Canadian policy won’t cover you while in Mexico so, knowing this, it’s required you go there prepared. You can buy Mexican auto insurance online in a few simple clicks on

Do I Need To Know Spanish?

As with visiting any country, knowing the local language will definitely make communication easier, however, knowing Spanish is not entirely necessary. Sure you might have some communication issues here and there, but with today’s translation technology the language barrier is nothing you cannot overcome. Download an app with most commonly used Spanish phrases or use Google Translate and you are good to go. Furthermore, Mexicans are extremely kind and patient, often offering to help you find your way around and communicate with others. Lastly, one would be surprised by how many Mexicans know at least some English to help bridge the communication gap.

The Budget

The prices in Mexico are considered very affordable, but being a popular tourist destination the prices on Yucatan are just slightly higher than the average. The currency is a Peso and shares the same symbol as a dollar sign. We highly recommend you exchange your dollars to pesos in order to get better conversion rates, however, the US dollar is frequently accepted and some ATMs can even dispense them.


Mexico offers every accommodation option any tourist could ask for. From traditional, rustic apartments to luxurious yet affordable resorts. The prices in Yucatan are not that different than other popular resorts like Tulum or Cancun, however, the prices tend to go higher as the Christmas holiday draws near. During any other time of the year, prices for affordable hostels range from $5 to $15 dollars a night, while the most luxurious resorts cost anywhere between $200 and $500 (that’s dollars, not pesos).


According to many tourists, this is the most important and enjoyable aspect of traveling to Mexico. The Mexican cuisine is among the most diverse and delicious in the entire world. Sticking to tacos and burritos would be a mistake, and while you can find these at almost any corner for as low as $1, consider sitting down in a restaurant and enjoying some less popular but more enjoyable and interesting dishes for very little more. A particular great option, Ceviche, contains a mix of fresh seafood and is something you absolutely must try. Cured in citruses, spiced with peppers and garlic and served with tortilla chips, it will leave you thoroughly satisfied, breathless, and coming back for more.

Additional Tips for Budget Travelers

Traveling on a budget is arguably more exciting and brings you closer to the rich Mexican culture and the country’s friendly populace. Staying in backpacker-friendly hostels and travel by public transport will, of course, also be even more economical. If you do use a taxi, make sure to ask for the price first and look for them away from bus stands, as they will be significantly cheaper. If you want to save on food, consider taco stands instead of fancy restaurants. As far as taco stands are concerned, ask the locals for a recommendation or look for the most crowded ones. If you are looking for unique but inexpensive souvenirs, don’t hesitate to barter. It’s a very acceptable and long-standing part of what makes Mexico charming, not to mention greatly affordable.