Mexican Auto Insurance Guide to the Most Fabulous Beaches in Mexico

There are many reasons tourists choose to visit Mexico. Some do it to experience a completely different culture and enjoy the local spirit. Other relish exploring the ruins of ancient times and marvel at some of the world’s greatest wonders. The daring kind choose to explore the wildlife, while most tourists enjoy visiting the lush beaches. For many tourists, the wonderful beaches are simply reason enough to visit this wonderful country.

One of the primary reasons tourists, particularly Americans, choose Mexico is that it is convenient access to very affordable traveling to a foreign destination. You can choose to either travel there by a budget airline, bus, or by car. If you do plan on driving, remember the important rule: purchase a Mexican auto insurance policy as you will definitely need it across the border, as your US or Canadian auto policies will not cover you on this trip.

The beaches of Mexico are very diverse and are different depending on the region of the country you choose to visit. We have compiled a list of the most glorious beaches in Mexico for you to explore and enjoy.

Puerto Vallarta

This string of beaches is ideal for tourists looking to experience natural wonders such as whale watching, or a deep-sea fishing unlike any other. Puerto Vallarta is among the most popular resorts in Mexico, comprised of modern areas packed with hotels and the charming old town with smaller hotels and unique, traditional shops.

Playa La Ropa

Playa La Ropa is the central water sport beach in the Ixtapa resort. You can see people of all ages participating in jet skiing, parasailing and other exciting activities. Once you’ve had your share of sea adventures you can relax in one of the many fantastic beachside cafes and restaurants.

Playa de Akumal

Playa de Akumal is a famous snorkeling beach near Playa Del Carmen. Its reef offers a great view and is suitable for different levels of swimming expertise. The beach is rich with tropical fish, turtles and other wonderful creatures. The water is safe and calm, thus, the entire family can enjoy a vacation here.

Bahia Balandra

This is one of the most popular family beaches in the Baja, La Paz region. Its famous rock formation dubbed Diamond Rock has contributed to the beach being included in many natural wonders lists. The beach is safe for swimming and the water very warm throughout the year.


A favorite gathering place for the hippie community, Zipolite today attracts sun lovers, surfers and yoga enthusiasts. There are plenty of budget lodging options at this beach. The red, round architecture makes a beautiful contrast to the rocky headlands.

Cancun Beach

Cancun is among the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and one look at the marvelous beach and the turquoise ocean and you’ll understand why. The resort along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is filled with restaurants, shops and luxurious hotels. If you don’t enjoy the crowd there are other less-crowded beaches to explore.

Playa del Amor

This secluded beach located between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean is among the most popular beaches in Mexico. Its towering rocks and the view of the endless ocean make it a destination you absolutely must visit in your lifetime. Tourist enjoy various activities like snorkeling, though it should be mentioned that the tides tend to get rough.

Playa Norte

Lined with palm trees and beachfront restaurants, the Playa Norte is located on Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun. The untamed wildlife is the main attraction for tourists who come here to avoid the crowded beaches of Cancun, but lose none of their magic. Because it is located not far from the mainland, this beach is ideal for the tourists who prefer to avoid the crowd.


Located near the famous Mayan ruins, the variety of sandy beaches are not in any way shadowed by the archeological wonders it is often associated with. It is located at the south end of the Riviera Maya. The beach is famed for its white sand, crystal-clear turquoise water and glorious palm trees. The beach is just a two hour drive from Cancun and boasts a wide variety of hotels.