Reasons to Start Planning Your Trip to Costa Maya

Once upon a time, Costa Maya was a destination not as nearly as popular as it is today. All its beautiful features surfaced after the construction of a large pier, built to accommodate big, luxurious ships. Today, many consider visiting this Mexican gem a must, and there are several reasons why. If you are thinking of taking a ride to see this magnificent location, plan to purchase your car insurance online for Mexico travel first. Mexican auto insurance California will give you adequate coverage, leaving you free to enjoy and explore everything that heaven-like Costa Maya offers.

Costa Maya Port

The port itself is an amazing location to explore on its own. Built like a (well-equipped) modern tropical village, it offers a variety of luxurious features like salt water pools, fine restaurants, artisan markets, swim-up bars, local stores where you can buy souvenirs, and many more. Also, at Costa Maya Port you will soon become accustomed to seeing a great number of beautiful cruise ships docked in or passing by (some of which can be the excursion ride for you and your fellow travelers).

Ruins of an ancient civilization

As its name suggests, the Costa Maya area was once home to Mayan civilization. After the great kingdom fell, its remains remained discovered until the 1990's. Now there are three popular sites that visitors can explore: Chacchoben, the most popular one, just an hour away from the port, Kohunlich, and Dzibanche. Look for the local tour companies, and seize the opportunity to learn more about this area and its amazing history.

Activities for everyone

f you are an active type, Costa Maya will not disappoint you. There is a whole range of possibilities available around the port: diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, kayaking, paddle boarding, different wildlife tours, even glass bottom boat rides! There are enough activities to fill the day, and then some more.


Have we mentioned the port has its own shopping plaza? Spread over 70,000 square feet, it offers a variety of souvenirs, pottery and silver, and you can also find convenience shops and drug stores there. The village of Mahahual is only about 2 miles away from the port, so you can spend some time relaxing and shopping there as well.

Time to slow down and relax

For the ones who enjoy spending time in the sun, taking the plunge and exploring a wonderful sparkling sea, Costa Maya opens its many beaches, so the tourists can fully enjoy their stay on this beautiful destination. Some of the most famous Costa Maya beaches are the one near 40 Cañones (40 Cannons), Pez Quadro beach club and Maya Chan, the latter being especially convenient for children, as it offers many activities for them to try out. If you prefer quiet, private beaches, look for the beach clubs on the southern part of Mahahual town. Relax in a hammock, with a cool drink in your hand and watching the sunset after an amazingly active day you had.

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