An Overview of Mexican Religion

Throughout the world, Mexico is known for its strong religious beliefs in addition to is long-standing culture, and many other famous Mexican attractions. Whether you’re interested in studying Mexican religion and its formation in the country, or you’re simply interested to learn more before visiting Mexico, informing yourself about this topic can be quite interesting. 

Afterward, when you visit Mexico, you’ll be delighted to see for yourself what makes Mexico so unique. However, once you decide to take a trip to Mexico, you should gather all the important documents, including car insurance. You’re required to purchase Mexican auto insurance in Phoenix, AZ before taking a road trip of your lifetime. 

What is the main religion in Mexico?

The most dominant religion in Mexico is undoubtedly Christianity, with Roman Catholicism being the preferred denomination for 83% of its population. However, Roman Catholicism has been in a slight decline since other Christian denominations, which account for around 6 or 7%, have become more prominent, including:

- Evangelical

- Pentecostal

- Mainline Protestant

When it comes to non-religious practices, the most common ones are agnosticism, atheism, deism, secularism, and skepticism. Other religions include judaism, Buddhism, etc. 

Folk religion and Santa Muerte

Although the majority of Mexican population is Chatolic, some of their religious practices are imbued with folk mysticism and traditions. One of the most popular folk deities is Saint Death also known as Santa Muerte. Saint Death is a female deity believed to have roots in the Aztec death goddess. The rituals performed in honor of Santa Muerte greatly resemble some of the Chatolic practices. 

Some Mexicans even believe in magic, black magic, and the supernatural. To protect themselves from curses, they often pay a curandero, traditional native healers, to safeguard them against them. 

When did Catholicism begin in Mexico?

The first attempts to establish Catholicism in Mexico date back to the early 16th century, with the arrival of the Spanish. This was known as “the spiritual conquest” and the priority of the Spanish crown was to incorporate the indiginous people into their religion. Catholicism is one of the greatest influences that Spain had on Mexico along with the adoption of the Spanish language. 

During the colonial period and early establishment of the Mexican Republic, only the Catholic Church was allowed in Mexico. After Mexico’s independence, the Church became closely connected to politics, so it started taking a greater role than just religion. It gained a privileged status until the Mexican Revolution when its role was greatly limited. 

In 1992, greater religious freedom was established and many restrictions that were forced upon the Catholic Church were no longer in effect. Catholic Christianity maintained its dominant religious status in Mexico, making it the world’s second largest Catholic country. 

What is the oldest church in Mexico?

Mexico is home to numerous old churches, cathedrals, and temples, so if you’re planning to explore this aspect of Mexican culture, you shouldn’t miss them. One of the oldest buildings in Mexico is definitely Catedral Metropolitana, which is also the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It’s construction started in 1573 by the Spanish. Located in Mexico City, the cathedral was built over sacred Aztec ground. 

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