How to Get Ready for the Concert Season in Mexico

Are you all excited to visit your first music festival across the US-MX border? Your favorite artists are performing live after more than two years and you have a unique chance to see them in a foreign country. 

However, before you embark on your Mexican musical journey, it’s a good idea to buy and print out Mexico car insurance, if you’re going to be behind the wheel. For a quick guide on how to get ready for a music festival in Mexico City, Guadalajara, or elsewhere in Mexico, read on!

How to prepare for a music festival in Mexico? 

Whether you’re traveling to Mexicali, Mexico City, or Cancun, you should know what to expect. Being fully prepared can help you make the most of your concert experience. What's more, it will keep you out of harm's way. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind: 

Do your research

If you’re checking out Corona City, Machaca Fest, or another Mexican musical festival for the first time, it’s vital to be well informed. You should learn more about the most important details, such as:

  • When and where is the festival held? 
  • Are there some traditions surrounding the festival? What’s the cultural and historic significance?  
  • What type of audience attends the festival? 
  • What type of music is played? Who are the headliners? 
  • How many stages are there? 
  • Does the festival have some special features? For example, are there festival galleries, lounge areas, fun parks, VIP areas? 

Besides, you could also be interested in the local cultural and natural specifics:

  • What are the natural surroundings like? 
  • Are there some beaches and natural parks in the vicinity? 
  • Are there any famous landmarks that you should visit? 
  • What is the local nightlife like? Can you go clubbing after the concert?

Purchase tickets on time

You should make note that the concert season is quite different after the pandemic. The audience in Mexico is excited to return to venues and see their favorite artists perform, so the demand is very high. Many online event companies have already sold out tickets for most popular music festivals, so you should react promptly. Make sure that you reserve your tickets on time, so you don’t have to rely on scalpers or miss the event. 

Pack the necessities

When you pack your concert bag, don’t forget some of the following items and arrive at your destination unprepared: 

  • Clothes 

You don’t want to take chances during the rainy season or if your festival is held in the height of the dry season. This means that you should dress appropriately. If you’re attending a beach music festival, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and towels.  

  • Non-perishable food 

While you’ll be out in the open, you can’t just rely on local restaurants and fast food parlors. You should at least pack some snacks in case you need to recharge during or after the concert.  

  • Water 

While you’ll have lots of fun dancing and rocking out to your favorite band or DJ, you don’t want the heat to ruin it for you. Bottled water is a must. While beer and alcohol can help make things merrier, they can also make you incredibly thirsty. Simply put, don’t forget to stay hydrated while visiting Mexico, as tap water isn’t always healthy for human consumption. 

  • Shoes

If you’re attending a rock concert, an extra pair of shoes or other footwear is a great idea, as they’ll be messy due to dust and mingling in crowded spaces. You also want to wear something comfortable if you’re going to dance or stand for several hours. 

  • Camping equipment

If you’re attending Baja Beach Fest or another music festival that features a camping spot, you should definitely bring your tent, sleeping bag, hammocks, and other equipment.  

  • Hygiene and emergency kit

You never know whether you’d have time to take a shower after a great gig. Also, you should have bandages in case you get accidentally bruised or cut. 

Plan your transportation

If you’re attending the concert in Mexico as a group, a great idea is to travel by bus or minivan. Of course, you can drive your own car, rent a car, or hire a cab. However, it’s wise to plan it out and to have appropriate coverage in case of accidents or any other emergency. In case you’re booking private concert transportation, stick to reliable providers. 

Mind the safety

There are some safety tips that you should always follow. Whether you’re visiting some of the most acclaimed concert venues in Mexico City, attending an open-air DJ set at the beach resort in Baja California, or enjoying an indie festival in the jungle, keep this in mind: 

  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry and clothes
  • Always carry enough cash
  • Use only reliable ATMs
  • Avoid shady areas of the city you’re staying in
  • Keep copies of your documents with you at all times
  • Keep your eyes peeled for anything happening out of the order
  • Stay in touch with a friend or your loved ones
  • Have a list of emergency contacts with you
  • Follow the official guidelines when it comes to Infectious diseases and travel

How can I buy a policy that I can print out at home? How does it work with Mexico car insurance? 

Once you’re all ready to go, don’t forget to be covered in case that anything goes wrong with your vehicle. You can count on Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance, as you can download one of the policies after the purchase. Attend your concert with peace of mind, and we’ll have your back if you need us. If you have additional questions or don’t know how to pick the most appropriate package, feel free to give us a call!