How Much Does Mexican Car Insurance Cost

Excited to see what mesmerizing Mexico has got in store for you? Wonderful beaches, shopping spree spots, cultural must-see locations, irresistible local cuisine – it’s no surprise you are thrilled to hit the road. To make sure your memories from this amazing adventure are nothing but pleasant, don’t forget about one crucial travel-related aspect. How much is Mexican car insurance per day, exactly? Keep reading, as this article offers answers to some of the most common questions: is Mexican car insurance obligatory, what does it include, how are the claims paid, and, ultimately, how much does Mexican car insurance cost?

Why do I need to get Mexican car insurance?

Whether you choose to visit the Baja California peninsula or set out to explore some specific top spots for thrill seekers, your trip to Mexico will surely be an experience to remember. Organize your travel at the peak of the season, or travel to Mexico in the fall. Either way, you will be amazed by how much this fascinating destination has to offer. However, don’t get caught up in all the excitement and forget about an important thing you must do before setting off: securing your vehicle. Once you cross the border, you are entering another country, that’s got its own traffic rules and regulations. To visit this beautiful region, it is now mandatory to obtain Mexican motor vehicle insurance. Luckily, the process of acquiring it has never been quicker and easier, as now you can purchase it online, in just a few clicks.

What does my Mexican insurance cover?

Mexican tourist auto policy refers to several basic risks. It is called a Named Peril policy, as it covers only what is specifically stated within the document – nothing more, and nothing less. Five basic risks covered by Mexican car insurance are:

1. Fire and total theft;

2. Collision, upset, and glass breakage;

3. Property damage liability;

4. Physical injury liability;

5. Medical expenses.

To be extra safe, look for a Mexican car insurance provider whose policies cover additional services, such as bail bonds and legal services.

Will the claims be paid in US dollars?

Yes. After the investigation of an insurance claim is concluded, your chosen Mexican insurance company settles all claims in US dollars.

How much does Mexican car insurance cost?

One of the most frequent questions travelers who wish to visit Mexico ask is: “How much does Mexican car insurance cost?” The price range varies depending on several different aspects:

1. Vehicle’s value

2. The limit of liability

3. The number of days in Mexico

A reliable, professional Mexican car insurance provider should offer an easy-to-use, quick ‘Get A Quote’ system. After you have provided all the necessary information for the policy rate calculator, you should be able to get a clear indication of your insurance expense.

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