Mexican National Parks: Explore Mexico’s Natural Beauty

Have you found the best Mex insurance and can’t wait to set out on your upcoming trip? When you get round to making your travel itinerary, make some room for Mexico’s famed national parks. Going off the beaten track and enjoying unspoiled nature is such a privilege in this day and age, and it makes for special memories and invaluable new experiences. 

Explore Mexico’s precious natural habitats, feel the sun and wind on your skin, and rest in the shade of ancient trees. Keep reading to explore the natural wonders of Mexico and get ready for your active vacation.

How many national parks are in Mexico?

There are 67 national parks in Mexico and they cover more than 3,5 million acres of land. They’re protected by the federal government as areas of great natural beauty and significance. This impressive statistic goes to show just how naturally abundant Mexico really is.

What are some of Mexico's best national parks?

Get to know some of the most famous and popular protected natural areas and make sure you include at least some of them on your must-see list:

Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park: Located in southern Baja California, this mountain range offers striking views, imposing pine forests, and a variety of wildlife. Summers here are refreshingly cool, so the mountains offer a welcome respite from the hot weather in the surrounding areas.

Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857: In the northern areas of Baja California, very close to the US border, there’s a mountain range called Sierra de Juarez. Located here is the Constitution 1857 National Park, famous for its great variety of conifers as well as extensive fauna and the beautiful Laguna Hanson lake. 

Valle de los Cirios: The Valley of the Candles is another gem in Baja California. It’s a desert area dominated by cacti and cirio plants, after which it was named. It also boasts a large variety of wildlife.

Basaseachic Falls National Park: Situated in the Chihuahua region, this park is home to the country’s second highest waterfall. Its rocky landscapes, expansive oak-pine woods, and awe-inspiring views attract visitors from far and wide. Mountain lions, cougars, rattlesnakes, and some of its many inhabitants.

Cumbres de Monterrey National Park: Visit this natural wonder if you’re traveling to northeastern Mexico. The mountain called El Cerro de la Silla is probably the most popular part of this park, often visited by hiking enthusiasts who go up the 3.3 mi trail to reach the top. There are also many spectacular waterfalls in the park, one of which is Cascada Cola de Caballo, which visitors can access using a path through the forest,

Cabo Pulmo National Park: Situated near Los Cabos, this marine park is a precious preserve for the sensitive marine ecosystem. It’s a location of a 20,000-year old coral reef, one of the only ones off the west coast of North America.

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