Your Guide to Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Mexico: Pt. 1

Cinco de Mayo is a well-known date in the US. It celebrates the cultural heritage of people of Mexican descent and it’s usually marked by colorful parades, parties, and heavy drinking. However, do you know the historical background of this event? Do you tend to confuse it with Mexican Independence Day, happening in September? 

Traveling and learning about Mexican history and traditions is the best way to eliminate such misconceptions. That being said, if you decide to spend the beginning of May on a Mexican road trip, it’s important to obtain sufficient car insurance coverage. This is a proper way to ensure you have a great stay in Mexicali or elsewhere, without worrying about your vehicle. Discover more about the history behind the 5th of May celebrations and related traditions by reading on!

What is Cinco de Mayo celebrated for?

The Battle of Puebla was a major historical event that shaped the history of Mexico. It took place on May 5th, 1862 between the armed forces of the Second French Empire and the Mexican army. Mexican soldiers, although poorly equipped and outnumbered, managed to defeat the French thanks to the leadership of general Ignazio Zaragoza. 

Although Mexican forces were defeated in the following months, this battle boosted the morale of the populace. It is remembered as an event of epic proportions, and an important building block of Mexican patriotism. It also shaped the history of the US, as French forces were unable to play a role in the American Civil War after this defeat. 

What is Cinco de Mayo like in Mexico?

The holiday became quite popular among the Mexican diaspora in the US during the 20th century. It was embraced as an opportunity to celebrate the cultural heritage and traditions of the Mexican nation. This is why you’ll probably see more festivities happening in the US than in Mexico. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Mexico isn’t worth visiting during Cinco de Mayo.

When you want to witness the reenactment of historical events, it’s best to pay a visit to Puebla. Traditionally, this Mexican state commemorates the historical battle with military and civil parades, live-action reenactments, speeches, concerts, and other events. 

What should I do for Cinco de Mayo?

Whether you’ve decided to pay a visit to Mexico or stay in the US and celebrate, there are many ways to properly commemorate this important historical event: 

  • You may learn about the history of the Franco-Mexican wars
  • You can decorate your home with Pinatas or Alebrijes
  • You may play some Loteria and other Mexican card games
  • Visit a local reenactment event or military parade honoring the battle
  • Visit a museum or art gallery, and learn more about Mexican art
  • Watch a movie or documentary about the Cinco de Mayo with your kids
  • Play some traditional Mexican music pieces or attend a concert
  • Buy some books or interesting souvenirs that depict the battle
  • You can try some of the most delicious recipes and seasonal beverages

What should you avoid doing for Cinco de Mayo? 

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to, whether you’re staying in Mexico during Cinco de Mayo or celebrating it at home: 

  • Try to remain respectful and avoid displaying negative cultural stereotypes and inaccurate portrayals of Mexican culture. 
  • Remember that the point of this holiday isn’t about getting intoxicated with a variety of drinks and dishes. Instead, try to be modest with your alcohol intake and diet in general..
  • It’s best to avoid certain unsafe parts of the city or resort you’re staying in, especially during a parade.
  • Avoid being distracted by social media, or other simple, but time-consuming pastime activities, enrich your day with some culture, history, and sightseeing instead.

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