Valentine’s Day Tips for Celebrating Love in Mexico

After January and New Year’s festivities comes February, the month of romance and love. This is the perfect time of the year to surprise your loved one with a dreamy getaway. Whether you decide to take a week-long vacation or go on a weekend retreat, traveling to Mexico for Valentine’s will be a true celebration of your love. 

After handling some of the formalities such as getting valid car insurance for Mexico and preparing your travel documents, you can start thinking of exciting Valentine’s Day ideas for your getaway

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in Mexico?

Mexico is a country of rich culture, various attractions, love, passion, and adventure, which is why it’s the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day travel destination. As such a diverse country, Mexico will present you with a number of exciting opportunities to spread and celebrate love and romance on February 14. 

So, if you’ve set your heart on Mexico, here are some of the most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this magical country:

- Go on a romantic road trip. For some couples, there’s nothing more exciting than freedom and spontaneity in a relationship. If you and your partner want to merge romance with adventure, this is a great idea. Mexico is close enough for a road trip, yet exotic enough to keep you intrigued and engaged.

- Experience the winter in Mexico. If you want to soak in the whimsical winter vibe in Mexico, you can take a look at available ski resorts or retreats in the mountains. Of course, you should keep in mind that Mexican weather conditions during the winter are diverse, so decide in advance how you want to spend Valentine’s Day. 

- Take your partner to a romantic dinner. There’s no better way to get to know Mexican cuisine than going to dinner with your other half. You’ll have plenty of options, but make sure to make a reservation in advance. 

- Indulge yourself at a five-star resort. And there’s no better spot than Cabo San Lucas, one of Mexico’s most beautiful and popular resort cities. Just imagine your partner and yourself relaxing over delicious cocktails. 

What is Valentine's Day called in Mexico?

In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is called El Dia del Amor y la Amistad, which means the Day of Love and Friendship. This means that you don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day just with your partner. Instead, you can spend this special occasion with your closest friends, too. 

In fact, this will make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more exciting and memorable because you’ll be able to share them with your loved ones. You can go to a party together, listen to Mariachi music, exchange gifts, and discover the charms of Mexico. You and your friends will remember your Mexican Valentine’s Day for years to come. 

How is Valentine's Day celebrated in Mexico?

If you’re wondering how locals typically celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico, here’s what you need to know: 

- Roses and chocolate are a must for Valentine’s Day all over the world and Mexico is no exception. 

- Mexicans make or buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends since this is the Day of Love and Friendship in the country. 

- Couples often meet in a park as this is a kind of tradition in some parts of Mexico. A young man gives a rose to a young woman he meets in the park. If they meet again and the woman is still holding the rose, it means she’s also interested.

- Long-term partners may share romantic notes by posting them on their cars in some parts of the country. 

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