7 Winter Traditions in Mexico

Are you looking forward to the winter holiday season? Do you want to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year in the most colorful, jubilant, and festive manner? Have you considered taking your family, significant other, or friends to Mexico? 

Of course, there are many ways to organize your trip, but if you’re behind the steering wheel, just ensure you have appropriate Mexican automobile coverage, as your US insurance will not suffice. Let’s see how Mexicans celebrate Christmas, and what places to visit during your holidays in Mexico. Read on!

What are some winter traditions in Mexico? 

Although there’s no such thing as winter in Mexico, at least not in the manner you see up north, there are many traditions that we associate with Christmas. Due to Mexico's rich indigenous and colonial history, traditions have many syncretistic elements of Catholic rituals and local pre-Christian traditions. 

The festivities start in Mid-December and continue after New Year’s Day until early February. Here’s a summary of the most important traditions and holidays: 

1. Las Posadas

It is the first part of the larger Christmas celebrations. Las Posadas take place between December 16 and December 24. The meaning of the word comes from the Spanish word for “lodging”. By tradition, children go from door to door. They sing traditional songs, asking for an open room in the house. This symbolizes the Biblical story of the Nativity. Contemporary celebrations include a Posada party at the end of each evening. 

2. Piñatas

This is a feature at most posada parties. Nearly every festivity in Mexico involves this fun addition. However, there’s a special twist to the Christmas piñata: it features 7 spikes that symbolize the seven deadly sins. 

3. Nochebuena and Dia de Navidad

Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) and Dia de Navidad (Christmas Day) are celebrated in a highly religious manner. While festivities for Dia de los Muertos are large-scale and impressive, the Christmas carnivals are even more elaborate. This includes rich Nativity scenes as centerpieces in every household. 

4. Año Nuevo

To celebrate New Year, Mexicans leave lentils outside doors. The celebration involves burning negative thoughts, putting money in shoes, fireworks, and late dinner parties. Also, to symbolize the passing year, people eat 12 grapes in a minute. Finally, you will toast with your loved ones at midnight and put a gold ring in your glass of champagne.  

5. Día de Los Reyes

Many hispanic families celebrate the day of the Three Kings. The holiday falls on January 6th. The tradition is that children receive gifts an evening before Dia de los Reyes. Children in Mexico are fortunate to receive gifts on Christmas Eve and on this Three Kings Day as well.  

6. Rosca de Reyes

Kids are not the only ones to look forward to the Three Kings Day. Families gather around the table and break colourful ceremonial bread. It’s covered in fruit and candies, and there’s a baby figurine hidden in the dough. The person who finds the figurine in their piece of bread has to throw a party on Candlemas (February 2nd).  

7. La Candelaria

The finale of Christmas celebrations falls on February 2nd, 40 days after the birth of Jesus. This is when people gather for a tamale party, and have a lot of other colorful celebrations. After the mass at the local church, the host will throw a big family dinner, serve tamales and hot chocolate. 

Where should I go in Mexico for Christmas?

Basically, Mexico offers an endless number of beach resorts, archeological sites, national parks, nature preserves, and tourist districts across its territory. However, your choice shouldn’t be based solely on the distance and appeal --- you should also consider the safety of the location

Here’s a small fraction of this variety you can opt for your Christmas:  

Playa del Carmen

Located in the midst of Riviera Maya, this is one of most perfect places for your December getaway. Here you’d be able to enjoy all Christmas traditions and spend days enjoying coral reefs and swimming at some of the most beautiful beaches of Mexico. 

Baja California

There are many resorts in Baja California and Baja California del Sur that can be ideal for your Christmas vacation. If you wish to experience the majestic desert, dry forests, and the wonders of the Pacific ocean, you can visit Guerrero Negro. This is also the place of the annual Whale Festival, where nature enthusiasts can watch grey whales spawn after their migration from Alaska.   

Mexico City Christmas experience

When you’re looking for urban diversity, a rich blend between modernity and tradition, and opportunities to soak in the rich history of Mexico, this is the place to be. The nation’s capital offers a high number of restaurants, museums, monuments, markets, and plazas. Whether you are visiting during the Day of the Dead festival or during Christmas holidays, you’d be able to enjoy festivities in the streets or have a party at your hotel. 

Chiapas Highlands

When you want to capture an authentic spirit of indigenous Mexican culture, you should head to Chiapas. Travelers prefer San Cristóbal de las Casas, for its abundance of Mayan cultural heritage, many churches, hotels, restaurants, and charming cafes. You can also buy Christmas gifts at a local indigenous market. 

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