Traveling to Mexico by Car? Here’s How Tourist Auto Insurance Works

Driving through Mexico is a great way to see the country, explore amazing attractions and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. There’s more to Mexico than major tourist centers and resorts. You will definitely find tremendous adventures south of the border but before you set off, you need to obtain an auto insurance policy for Mexico. The good thing is that you can purchase Mexican car insurance online. In case you don’t properly insure your car before you drive into Mexico, you risk penalties, and, at worst, detainment if you get in an accident. By buying car insurance ahead of time, you will travel with peace of mind!

Let’s take a look at what sort of auto insurance you need and how it works.

Your U.S. auto insurance doesn’t apply

Your auto insurance policy covers you at home but not across the border. Authorities in Mexico don’t recognize U.S. or any other non-Mexican insurance policies. Only a Mexican auto insurance policy is acceptable evidence of financial responsibility in the event of a car accident.

Therefore, if you are planning a road trip to Mexico, equip yourself with valid car insurance on a temporary basis. These policies typically come in daily, weekly, semi-annually or annually priced packages.

Tourist auto insurance policies are available online

Not every insurance company provides the same level of service and coverage. It is recommended that you buy your policy form a reliable and authorized Mexican car insurance provider. You can get instant quotes online, compare rates from different Mexican car insurance companies and obtain your policy within minutes. All you have to do is go online and do a little research ahead of time.

Although there are places near the border where you can purchase Mexican auto insurance, the cost at the border is multiple times higher. In case you are considering buying car insurance through a rental car agency in Mexico, keep in mind that rental agents charge a higher rate. Not to mention serious repercussions you would face if you embark on your road trip without valid auto insurance.

Recommended liability limits for buying car insurance in Mexico

All Mexican states require proof of financial responsibility in the event of an accident. Many of them have a compensation amount of $350,000 USD - $550,000 per fatality.

To meet the requirements and make sure that you are covered, you should buy a policy that reflects adequate liability insurance limits. Your liability insurance covers property damage and/or bodily injury and related costs for which you may be considered responsible. For maximum protection, it is recommended that you purchase the highest limits.

Additional insurance coverage

For peace of mind, you may want to buy what is commonly referred to as 'full coverage'...liability insurance PLUS collision, fire, and theft coverage on your car. If you buy Mexican auto policy from Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance, you will get bail bond and legal assistance coverage as a bonus.

Buying car insurance? Choose the biggest and oldest exclusive Mexican auto insurance provider

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