What Documents Do I Need to Travel to Mexico?

You have already planned your holiday accommodation in Mexico, the attractions you would like to visit and exciting activities you want to experience. There is, however, one more thing on your travel checklist – documentation required to cross the US-Mexico border. If you are driving, you are probably wondering “Do I need Mexican car insurance?”

The answer is yes, but the good thing is that you can purchase your Mexican auto insurance policy from a reliable provider in San Diego – online, through your desktop computer or any mobile device! As a U.S. citizen, you will also be glad to hear that documentation is not standing in the way of your travel. Here’s what you need to bring with you south of the border.

Do I need a passport?

If you are entering Mexico by land or sea, you will need to present one more thing besides your driver’s license at the border crossing. That can be either your passport or your US PASS Card.

Informally known as the border card, this convenient credit-card-sized passport is designed for those who travel frequently to Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Canada by sea or land, meaning it cannot be used for air travel.

You can stay in Mexico for no more than 180 days without a visa.

What is Mexico tourist card?

A Mexico tourist card (FMT) is a government form, a declaration that you are visiting Mexico as a tourist and that you have no intention of extending your vacation for over 180 days. You need to carry this document at all times during your stay in Mexico. If you are driving across the US-Mexico border, you can obtain your FMT near or at the border and on the plane in case you are flying.

What about my driver’s license?

A U.S. driver’s license is accepted across the border so you can drive your vehicle with U.S. plates into Mexico.

If you are traveling outside the border zone, apart from your driver’s license, you will need a temporary import permit; otherwise, you risk having your car confiscated by Mexican customs officers. You can get the permit through Banjercito, the Mexico Federal agency.

Do I need Mexican car insurance?

In the event of an accident, all motorists have to show proof of financial responsibility to Mexican authorities. U.S. auto insurance is not recognized by Mexican law so you will need to purchase a separate Mexican car insurance policy. Every Mexican state has a set of civil and criminal liability amounts.

You can buy a liability-only policy but many people ask themselves “Do I need Mexican car insurance that can fully protect the vehicle?” and reach the conclusion that it best to get full coverage for peace of mind.

Regardless of the type of coverage you are looking for, reach out to Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance, the industry’s oldest and largest Mexican insurance provider. Go online and get a free quote, complete the short enrollment, and obtain and print your insurance policy in minutes! Get ready for your travel and your next adventure!