5 Cultural Differences Between the U.S. and Mexico

Although the U.S. and Mexico have many things in common, from our tumultuous history to our love of good food, there are also certain differences in our lifestyles, customs, and traditions. Variety is the spice of life, so it’s no wonder these differences often pique the interest of numerous Americans whose favorite destination is Mexico. 

Discover more about the differences between the cultures of the U.S. and Mexico so nothing surprises you when you get to travel to Mexico. You’ll have the best Mexican vacation thanks to your knowledge of the local culture. An important difference for tourists to Mexico is that U.S. car insurance isn’t valid there, so take out dependable auto insurance before you go.

How is life in Mexico different from the United States?

The U.S. and Mexico are alike in more ways than one, but how about their differences? Read on to find out if the common beliefs about Mexico are true. Here are a few things that differentiate Mexico from the U.S:

1. Family

To Mexicans, family usually comes first. Mexicans commonly nurture relationships with their extended family and family gatherings are an important matter. It is not unusual for several generations of one family to live together. Also, families are generally bigger than in the U.S. and children move out later. Older family members, especially mothers and grandmothers, are given special respect. 

2. Sociability

To the surprise of most Americans, who prefer a neutral handshake, it is common for Mexicans to greet almost everyone they meet with a hug and a kiss. On average, Mexicans are more direct, quicker to warm to people, and more comfortable showing emotions in public than most Americans. Mexican people love gathering and having long and lively conversations over lunch.

3. Traditional values

In general, Mexico is a more conservative nation than the U.S. For example, cultural expectations dictate strictly defined gender roles: men should be tough and resilient while women should be caring and sensitive. When compared to the U.S, Mexico is more collectivist as a society, which means that people put their community above their individual needs.

4. Religion

Unlike the religiously diverse U.S., the vast majority of Mexicans are catholic, and catholicism influences many areas of life. For example, most businesses are closed on Sundays and a lot of families attend Sunday mass. Catholic morality, religious rituals, and traditional customs are still very relevant to most Mexican people.

5. Relationship to money

Overall, Mexicans are not as career-oriented as Americans and they place less value on financial success. While earning a fortune is the number one criterion for success in the U.S, titles and positions are more significant to Mexican people. Maintaining a good reputation in your community and making your family proud are also achievements of great importance. 

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