Complete Mexican Auto Insurance Guide to the Most Popular Destinations in Mexico

Mexico’s popularity as a tourist destination comes from the varied offer. From wonderful beaches, exciting nightlife to rich culture, Mexico has a lot to spark any tourist’s interest. If you’ve been planning on visiting Mexico but don’t know where to begin, our friendly agents at Mexican Insurance have come up with a list of the most popular destinations to visit in Mexico according to our loyal clients. So pack your bags, fuel up the tank, check your resources and get your Mexican auto insurance before you experience some of the most wonderful attractions this beautiful country has to offer.

Playa Maroma

Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Maroma is located 50km from the Riviera Maya on the Gulf Coast. It is a quiet resort which can provide the peace and quiet away from the more crowded cities like Cancun. It is crowned by beautiful sandy beaches and crystal blue water. It is extremely popular with snorkelers, as they can begin their underwater journey right from the shore. However the access to the beach is reserved for the numerous resorts’ guests or the nearby beach club.


Acapulco is extremely popular with most tourists as if offers beautiful beaches unlike any you’ve ever seen. Some of the popular beaches include Icacos, Papagayo, Hornos, all located along the Las Costera bay. Acapulco was one of the most popular destinations in the 50’s and some of the most famous stars like Sinatra and Elvis used to relax here. It also offers teeming nightlife and a vast cuisine selection.


If you want to experience the more traditional side of Mexico, we recommend visiting Mazatlan. With long golden beaches as well as a largest boardwalk in the entire Latin America, you will realize why this gorgeous city was nicknamed “Pearl of the Pacific”. Water Sports enthusiasts visit this wonderful location regardless of the season and especially in the winter. The city is also known for its authentic cultural experience, as the flocking tourists did not affect the way people live and behave here.

Isla Cozumel

If you are a scuba diving aficionado, Cozumel Island is one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving in the western hemisphere. You can’t find such natural beauty, crystal clear water and diverse sea life anywhere. Isla Cozumel offers a lot of attractions for adventurous tourists not interested in scuba diving as well. You can explore wild attraction such as abandoned beaches, natural parks and amazing scenery.


If you are looking for luxury and diversity, Cancun is the best Mexico has to offer. The most popular tourist resort in Mexico has everything from wild parties and gorgeous beaches to Mayan Ruins and traditional flare. You can visit Cancun during the entire year and expect the same treatment. The hotel zone in the city revolves entirely around the tourist industry. But if you are looking for an authentic experience visit the El Centro, the downtown area full of traditional restaurants, music and markets.

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