Traveling to Mexico for Easter: Choosing Mexican Insurance Provider

Easter is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays in Mexico. If you happen to travel to Mexico during this period, you’ll have an opportunity to see the unique spirit of residents and attend numerous festive events that exude celebration.

However, before embarking on your holiday adventure to Mexico, you should choose a reliable Mexican car insurance provider and acquire an appropriate Phoenix Mexican insurance policy. This will enable you to explore some of Mexico’s most visited destinations worry-free and secure.  

How to pick a reliable Mexican insurance provider?

When planning a trip to Mexico, one of the first things you need to consider is Mexican car insurance. Since you’re legally obliged to have a valid Mexican policy, you need to obtain this type of insurance from an authorized provider.

Here’s what you need to look for in a Mexican insurance provider:

- Versatile insurance policies that will enable you to pick one that will provide you with proper coverage.

- Transparent rates and free quotes because you have the right to know how much your insurance will cost. A reputable provider will offer you a free quote and won’t surprise you with hidden fees.

- Online insurance purchase will bring you maximum convenience and flexibility, which can be a major benefit if you don’t have a lot of time before your trip.

Do Mexican people celebrate Easter?

Yes, and they do so with great passion! Mexicans are devout Christian believers, so Easter is one of the most important religious events in the country. They have numerous Eastern traditions, so visiting Mexico during this period will be truly memorable.

What’s more, different regions in Mexico have their own traditions, so you can always experience something new and exciting. However, it’s advisable that you research Mexico Travel Advisory for important information and guidelines beforehand.

What is Easter called in Mexico?

In Mexico, Easter is celebrated over the course of two weeks, entailing the celebration of Semana Santa and Pascua. Pascua denotes Easter in Mexico and it takes place after Semana Santa.

This year, Easter Sunday is on April 21, but a great number of festivities await everyone who happen to be in Mexico a week before or after this important date. The Easter Week, known as Semana de Pascua, will last for a week after Easter Sunday.

How is Semana Santa celebrated?

Attending Semana Santa, or Holy Week, will certainly be an event to remember. Even if you haven’t been planning to go to Mexico for Easter, you can just go across the border to Baja California, and celebrate Easter in a truly authentic way.

By doing this, you’ll be able to experience the following events during Semana Santa:

- Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday when a great number of cities and towns organize the reenactment of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.

- Maundy Thursday is another important event when Mexicans visit seven churches as the representation of the apostles’ vigil. On this day, the apostles washed their feet, which is commemorated on this day.

- Good Friday is an event celebrated across the world. Solemn processions are held to commemorate the day when Jesus was crucified.

- Holy Saturday has different meanings for families across Mexico. For some, it’s a day for relaxation and family time while others burn Judas effigies.

- Easter Sunday is celebrated differently in Mexico than in the United States. Most Mexican families attend church processions and spend time with their loved ones in a quiet, solemn and festive atmosphere for Easter Sunday.

Get a Phoenix Mexican insurance policy and visit Mexico for Easter

Visiting Mexico for Easter will provide you with a truly enriching experience and leave you with precious memories imbued with a sense of festivity. You’ll get to attend numerous festivals, solemn celebrations and authentic events. What’s more, cities and towns across Mexico will exude a truly one-of-a-kind spirit that you can experience to the fullest.

And all you need to do is ensure your safety by obtaining Mexican car insurance. Of course, you should contact Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance, a trusted and authorized provider. We will help you choose an appropriate policy that will keep you protected against legal liabilities. We are available for any questions that you might have, so feel free to reach out to us.