Why Purchasing Mexican Insurance Online Is the Easiest Way to Buy Auto Insurance

Tourists who decide to pay Mexico a visit for the holidays often neglect the fact that their US or Canadian auto insurance policies are not valid in Mexico. Several car insurance companies offer policies that claim to protect them and their vehicles in other countries, but Mexico is a different story. If you want your trip to be as smooth as possible, make sure that your car is properly insured, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it. Getting Mexican insurance online is as simple as a few clicks, and you should secure one whether you’re traveling with your own vehicle or renting one in the U.S.

Mexican Insurance Is A Requirement

Travelers are obliged by law to be covered with a Mexico Liability car insurance policy. The catch is that the liability insurance on your U.S. or Canadian auto policy is not accepted there. Some drivers take the chance and don’t purchase Mexican insurance believing that they only have to show the policy if they are involved in an accident. This is yet another harmful myth. The truth is that you are required to show proof that you have the right insurance policy anytime the authorities ask you to.

Why Do You Need Mexico Liability Insurance?

Third party Mexico Liability insurance is required to cover accidents you caused, the damage to the vehicle and/or injuries. A good policy has to cover total theft of the vehicle, legal assistance, and you need to check the physical damage limit and liability amounts before you choose. The policy has to be issued by a specialized insurance company based in Mexico, and as we previously mentioned, US and Canadian policies will not be accepted.

How And Where To Purchase Mexican Insurance

Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance is a trusted insurance agency offering the best and most thorough Mexican Insurance policy. You can call our Customer Service Center toll-free (800) 466-7227 and get a free quote, or go online here at www.MexicanInsurance.com for that quote and purchase and print the Mexican insurance policy directly online. Purchasing the policy online is a convenient way of making sure you don’t run into any trouble during your trip and saves you the trouble of having to leave in the middle of packing and drive just to secure the document. Purchasing the policy online has all the benefits and no drawbacks.

We also offer insurance policies for rental cars rented in the U.S., and even though rental car companies offer similar policies as a part of their service, having a reputable insurance agency by your side beats not knowing what you are signing up for. Policies offered on site at the rental company are also usually exhorbitantly over-priced. Being able to purchase Mexican Liability Insurance online comes as a relief to most tourists attempting to enjoy a carefree visit to Mexico.

Mexico Is Worth It!

While all this information may be too much to handle, traveling to Mexico is well worth the effort. There are amazing sites to visit and wonders to behold. Whether you want to visit the popular tourist hubs like Cancun or explore some of the more hidden gems of Mexico, we guarantee that you will have the time of your life.