Vacationing in Mexico: Top Spots and Beaches

A vacation to Mexico is just what you need to forget about everyday worries and relieve business-induced stress. When planning your vacation in Mexico, keep in mind that you need to obtain Mexican insurance in Phoenix, AZ to ensure maximum security and eliminate legal risks.

Once you prepare all the documentation needed, you can explore some of Mexico’s most popular attractions. However, no matter what the occasion for your Mexican adventure is, there’s no doubt that you’ll have one of the most enriching trips of your lifetime.

For a perfect Mexican vacation, it’s important that you learn more about the most beautiful spots you can visit or find out where you can find the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Where is the best vacation spot in Mexico?

As a country with more than a few vacation destinations, Mexico will present you with countless possibilities for your next adventure. Whether you decide to go on a road trip and explore several of them or spend your entire vacation getting to know a single one is completely up to you and your preferred way of traveling.

Either way, the country of Mexico awaits you along with some of its best and most popular vacation spots.

- Cancún is definitely one of the first choices among Mexican visitors owing to its exceptional diversity. Here, you can find world-class hotels, awe-inspiring beaches, and lovely weather throughout the year. If you want an exclusive traveling experience, Cancún is definitely the way to go.

- Baja California is another charming destination that you’ll love. Not only does it offer countless vacation sites, but it also brings you an outstanding level of convenience since it’s located just across the border. What’s more, it’s also home to Tijuana, one of Mexico’s most popular cities.

- Mexico City is a perfect choice for those who seek a mixture of urban atmosphere, ancient culture and high-end lifestyle. As the most populous Mexican city, it will enable you to meet different people, travelers and locals alike.

- What makes Guanajuato stand out is its colorful buildings and homes that give it a truly breathtaking look. The architecture of this city will undoubtedly inspire you, as well as its other beautiful features worthy of a UNESCO-listed site.

- Puebla is a colonial city known for its spicy cuisine with a sweet flavor, 365 churches, and authentic Talavera pottery. And there’s simply no better place to listen to live mariachi music than Callejón de los Sapos after the sun sets.

Which part of Mexico has the best beaches?

For those travelers who love spending their vacations soaking up the sun at a pristine beach, Mexico has much to offer here, as well. In fact, Mexico will delight you with its scenic beaches that boast crystal clear waters and stretches of white sand. Here are some that you simply must visit:

- Tulum Beach is one of the famous spots in Mexico where you can enjoy the laid-back tropical vibe while also exploring the Mayan ruins from the 13th century.

- Once again, Cancún makes the list owing to one of Mexico’s most popular destinations - Cancún Beach. Here, you can also explore numerous Mayan attractions since the beach was once a part of this ancient civilization.

- Akumal Beach is another must-visit spot that both locals and tourists gladly visit. But, this beach is also popular among large sea turtles that come here to lay their eggs.

- Puerto Vallarta Beach boasts a tropical climate, plenty of engaging activities and elevating views. You cannot but love it!

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