Best Things to Do in Hermosillo

Exploring the local wonders of Mexico is a sure way to get rich in some memorable, life-changing experiences. Before setting off, however, don’t forget the #1 rule of any travel: safety comes first. Therefore, acquiring the best Mexican car insurance is an absolute must. Choose the most reliable among the best Mexican car insurance companies, and start planning your dream Mexico road trip itinerary. Make sure not to miss Hermosillo, one of the spots that should definitely find its way to your must-see list.

Enjoy the amazing landscape

The city panorama has a lot to offer, and Hermosillo’s work-of-art architecture is simply mind-blowing. The city boasts beautiful restaurants, museums and sacral monuments, perfect for gourmands, art lovers, and spiritual travelers. Visitors who like to get active should go for a jog through the beautiful Madero Park, and make sure not to miss Cerro El Bachoco, the amazing hiking and biking spot.

The city will not fail to provide unforgettable memories for the romantic souls as well. Spend a day at one of the stunning San Carlos beaches, have a snack and a drink or two at Parque La Ruina in the evening. To round up your day, experience the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen – at Cerro de la Campana viewpoint. After the sun is down and the weather gets cooler, make sure to stay and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city under the stars.

Spend some quality time with your family

Have you already had a chance to savor the charms of Costa Maya? Among the many possibilities this beautiful destination offers, Costa Maya is the perfect destination for a family vacation. The same goes for Hermosillo. This wonderful city is a place where the whole family can enjoy. There are lots of activities that both you, your partner and your little ones can try. Most families have singled out the following spots: the beautiful Hermosillo zoo (Centro Ecologico de Sonora), the theme park toddlers never get tired of (Parque Infantil Sonora), and the calm, breathtaking beach, Kino Bay.

Experience the local cuisine

Among so many attention-grabbing unusual things to do in Mexico, it gets hard to make time to try them all! Still, don’t forget to enjoy some of the “conventional” traveling perks as well. When in Hermosillo, make sure to pay a visit to some of its lively local markets. We strongly recommend trying some of the delicious local dishes, such as Carne Asada, Coyotas, and Sonoran hot dogs. Prepare to be amazed!

Fun and safety go hand in hand

Whether you like to travel alone, with your friends, or with your family, using a motor vehicle for traveling to Mexico is a practical idea. However, be careful not to forget about the car insurance you will need for the trip. In Mexico, all motorists need to comply with mandatory auto insurance laws or risk high fines and even jail. Mexican authorities, however, do not recognize U.S. or Canadian car insurance, so you should equip yourself with a valid policy before you set off. Reach out to one of the best Mexican insurance companies and travel south of the border with peace of mind!

Choose among the best Mexican car insurance companies

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