Best Mexican Adventures: Top spots for Thrill-Seekers

Some travelers enjoy visiting Mexico for its amazing landscapes, some for its one-of-a-kind history and culture, and some others for the wonderful beaches and the stunning nightlife it offers. What about those looking for the best Mexican adventures?

Prepare to be amazed, as this lovely destination offers a lot for the wild at heart as well. Choose the activities from this must-try list dedicated to the ultimate adventurers, find out more about Mexico car insurance cost, and let the road take you to some of the most interesting destinations you will visit in your lifetime!

Visit the Chicxulub crater

Whether you choose to travel to Mexico in the fall or during spring, explore the Baja California Peninsula or check out specific cities and stay there for a while, you are guaranteed to have some good times. However, if it’s the thrill that you’re looking for, get prepared, as Mexico is ready to leave you in awe.

The Chicxulub crater is a stunning spot that represents one of the most amazing places on Earth. Pronounced the third biggest impact crater on our planet, it is considered to be a result of a collision so great, that it momentarily wiped out more than half of the Earth’s species existent at the time. Standing next to it awakes some indescribable feelings, and it’s a feeling you will never forget once you experience it.

Explore the Cave of the hanging snakes

Hidden away in the deep jungles of Yucatan, Cave of the hanging bat-eating snakes represents one of the best Mexican adventures you definitely shouldn’t miss. If this doesn’t sound thrilling enough for you, after you’ve passed the first several cave chambers, you will find some blind albino crustaceans in the deep, dark, flooded cave parts. Feeling any goosebumps yet? We sure do.

Check out the National Museum of Death

Although some find the Mexicans’ fascination with death a bit obscure, it is an integral part of their culture, and they seem to comprehend and experience it in a way that is a lot less dark than it is the case in many other countries. Visiting the National Museum dedicated to Death will certainly teach you more, allowing you to observe amazing art created around this subject. Make sure to include this spot on a list of your must-see best Mexican adventures.

Take a ride in a Mexicable car

In October of 2016, the city of Ecatepec de Morelos became home to an attraction that is a rare find indeed. Mexicable is the State of Mexico government project, and today it is a public transportation system used by both locals and tourists. It is a suspended urban gondola you can use to travel above the city, offering not only swift transportation that avoids crowds, but also an amazing view on the city, which makes it an amazing blend of functionality and a tourist magnet that is well worth the hassle!

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Have you already decided which one of the suggested adventures you must try soon? Whether you opted for one, several, or all of them, don’t forget that some aspects of your travel aren’t supposed to be an adventure, too.

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