Baja Road Trip - Part 1

Are you hungry for a road trip adventure in Mexico? Baja California is a classic route for all road trip enthusiasts. In this text we are offering you a trip that stretches for 1000 scenic miles along this gorgeous peninsula, from Tecate to the Los Cabos tourist resort. If you want to visit everything you should prepare for some three weeks on the road. If not, at least you can make your choice from this extensive itinerary.

If you really have ample time and want to take things slowly, you can start from Tecate, which has its own brewery. You can have some tasting and explore the downtown of this border town. Some pan dulce and fish tacos will certainly round up the pleasure.

Heading south you can visit La Bufadora, which offers a spectacular whale-reminiscent view of seawater bursting and soaring through a hole in the coast rock. After that you can continue to El Roasrio, where you can stay overnight. Some fresh delectable local cuisine and the sight of mile-stretching sandy beaches will relax you further and prepare you for the rest of the trip.

In El Rosario you should prepare stocks of water and refreshments, because a desert drive is before you. The drive is magnificent as you look at the cacti, some of them quite imposing at almost 45-feet height, studding the landscape for as far as you can see. Boulders are scattered throughout and the peaks of Sierra de la Asamblea rise jagged in the distance. You can sleep over in a gas station or continue to Guerrero Negro.

In Guerrero Negro there are a few options. In the morning you can experience the salt flats or you can head to San Ignacio, where you can find out more about the mission and even pay a visit to a local cave to see some cave paintings. If you are travelling in winter, you can go to Laguna Ojo de Liebre or Laguna San Ignacio and hopefully see some gray whale mothers and their newborn babies.

Your next stop is a former silver mining town on the coast of Sea of Cortez, Santa Rosalia. If you are keen on history, there is a museum showcasing the town’s history from its beginnings as a company town. You can still witness the French influence from that period.

Bahia Concepcion is less than 100 miles south and you can spend a few days there. Your options are lazing the days away on the beach, going snorkeling with local companies or going to see some cave paintings if you haven’t already done that near San Ignacio.

Loreto is your next stopover. It’s also a small seaside town where you can stay for some time. You can explore the national marine park, the local museum and open-air seafood restaurants. Again, if you like travelling back in time, you can have an outing to the nearby village of San Javier, which has the best preserved Jesuit mission in the area.

When your feet start itching for the road, prepare yourself for a 6-hour drive down Mexico 1 highway to La Paz. There will be places on the road where you can tank up and get some water and refreshments. If you start early and everything goes according to plan, you should arrive in time for a wonderful sunset on the malecon.

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