A Guide to Enjoying the San Marcos National Fair in Aguascalientes

If you have never been to Feria Nacional de San Marcos, now is the perfect time to experience the country’s largest fair! Every year, the San Marcos National Fair starts in April and lasts for approximately three (sometimes four) weeks but the exact date varies. This year, Feria starts on April 14 and ends on May 6. If you want to explore Mexico’s rich culture and vibrant art scene and do it by car, don’t forget to buy your Mexican car insurance online before you set off.

Feria Nacional de San Marcos: a fair with history

The San Marcos National Fair dates back to 1604, when San Marcos was founded just nearby the growing Spanish city of Aguascalientes. Back then, the purpose of this event was to open livestock and agricultural market with the provinces of New Spain.

In November 1828, just four years after being officially named a city, Aguascalientes celebrated its Mexican fiesta for the first time. In 1842, a big plot of land was donated by the church and converted into a park named the Jardin de San Marcos. The fair was then moved to San Marcos Park, from which the San Marcos National Fair takes its name. Also, the date of the celebration was changed to April to include the feast day of patron St. Mark, which is celebrated on April 25.

Fair of Mexico: the country’s largest fair

Every year, the San Marcos National Fair, also known as the “fair of Mexico”, attracts several million people. The fair extends for almost 200 acres, including an artificial lake. On the fairgrounds, an estimated 8 million people can enjoy true hospitality and attend more than 1,500 events, most of which are free.

What was once a cattle and harvest fair, today is the most important fair in Mexico. Born in the heart of Mexico, the event became a national fair in 1958 and ten years later, shows and concerts were introduced.

By elevating the status of the fair, president Adolfo Lopez Mateos set the groundwork for the fair to evolve into an internationally recognized event. Since 2006, guest states and countries have been adding their own flavor to this multicultural setting.

The blend of the traditional and contemporary

These remarkable festivities include bullfights, cock fights, horse races, artistic performances, commercial and industrial exhibitions, the forum of the stars, cultural and sporting events, and, of course, lots of delicious food, traditional suits and fireworks! Topping the long list of festivities is the competition to elect the Queen of the Fair, a tradition that dates back to 1924.

Most of the events take place in Aguascalientes, the state capital. Here you can enjoy concerts and shows with internationally famous singers and immerse yourself in music, theater, dance and literature. One of Mexico’s most prestigious art awards, Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven, is awarded in Aguascalientes during the fair.

A myriad of attractions and multicultural events offered in a delightful atmosphere full of happiness, joy and colors make Aguascalientes a popular tourist destination and a great travel option during April and May. Given that during the fair dates the hotels operate at maximum capacity, don’t take too much time to plan your trip. The good thing is that you can get your Mexican car insurance online in minutes so you can cross that thing off your to-do list in no time!

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