Rosarito Beach Dining

Rosarito’s beaches, fun-loving locals, and infamous Mexican cuisine bring tourists from all over for weekend getaways and summer vacations. Vacation is often a time to let loose and indulge which makes Rosarito a perfect destination. With restaurants, stands, and bars every few feet you have endless options to enjoy Rosarito’s delicious local cuisine.

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If you’re interested in a trendy dining location for a superb dinner, Mi Casa Supper Club is the dining establishment for you. Mi Casa Supper Club has been consistently rated one of the top places to dine due to its upscale décor, excellent food, and personal touches. From presentation to atmosphere guests continue to rave about Mi Casa Supper Club as a must try cuisine destination. Just a short walk from many Rosarito resorts and hotels, this is a restaurant that is convenient and well worth a taste.

On a search to try a new spin on the always delicious carne asada taco? Tacos El Yaqui presents the Perrone, which is more or a less a perfect combination of a quesadilla and a taco. Tacos El Yaqui’s Perrone includes a flour tortilla with melted cheese stuffed with flavorful carne asada, homemade guacamole, fresh cilantro, onions, beans and salsa. Trying one of these will leave you full, satisfied, and coming back for more.

From the typical infamous seafood establishments to fusion restaurants, Rosarito has something for everyone. Splash offers delicious seafood dishes that Rosarito is known for, from steamed clammed to seafood soup you can get your fill here. The Mongolian Grill is another tourist favorite that is sure to have you ready for seconds. The Mongolian Grill offers Mongolian-Mexican fusion that is unique to Rosarito. With options for vegetarians, this restaurant easily has something for everyone.

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