Places To Go In Baja

What are you into while on vacation? Indulgently lying in the sun or exploring the nature and the history of your destination? Whatever your preferences, Baja California undoubtedly has something to your taste.

Espiritu Santo in La Paz is perfect for those who like swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. It is a Unesco World Heritage site due to its outstanding beauty. The crystal clear turquoise water set against the backdrop of rosy cliffs will definitely take your breath away.

Land’s End in Cabo is a magnificent natural landmark that keeps attracting new visitors. Tourists are thrilled with the sight of jagged rocks rising from the sea. The Arch (El Arco), which is a passage-like rock at sea is said by everyone to be well-worth visiting.

Av Revolucion in Tijuana, colloquially known as La Revo, is not to be missed when you’re in this city. It is a bustling area of nightclubs, souvenir and liquor stores and restaurants ranging from taco shops to fine dining. If you would like to experience a more local and authentic atmosphere, take a turn to Av Constitucion, which is to the west.

Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana is for museum and gallery goers. You can attend concerts, exhibitions and lectures in this building of neo-classicist style that was once a school.

Lucha Libre in Tijuana is a spectacle for those who enjoy sporting events. Start your Friday night watching a freeform wrestling match with a very theatrical vige to it, as the contestants wear colorful costumes and display a variety of maneuvers. 

Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto is a striking church that dates back to the end of 17th century. It was the first Jesuit mission to settle in the Californias. The adjacent museum can tell you the chronicles of the colonization and conquest of what we call today Baja California, Baja California Sur and the State of California.

Riviera del Pacifico in Ensenada houses a museum and a cultural centre for those who enjoy film retrospectives, classes and exhibitions. The building started out as a hotel and a casino in the Spanish style and Al Capone is said to have been a regular guest. You can have a drink in Bar Andaluz, which is also located here.

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