Juice Bars In Mexicali!

Juice bars are the next favorite place to check out ever since healthy lifestyle rose in popularity in the Nineties. Juice bars across the globe offer wide varieties of non-alcoholic beverages with a high fruit content percentage – exquisite refreshments when temperatures hit the ceiling. For the uninitiated, here are short descriptions of the most popular drinks in juice bars, not including the regular mixes of pressed and squeezed juices.  

Smoothie is a thick blend of raw fruit and/or veggies. The usual additions are water, crushed ice, milk, soy milk or yogurt, nuts, honey, sugar or syrup.  They look similar to milkshakes in appearance, but they have a higher fruit content and no ice-cream.

Slush (slushy or slushie) are frozen non-carbonated drinks that have been fine blended. They are really icy and are a great drink to cool down and chill out. Granita is a similar dessert originating in Italy, but it usually contains ice-cream and some flavorings like lemon, strawberries, even coffee.

Bubble tea (Thai tea) is a tea-based drink from Taiwan. What is special about it is chewy tapioca balls at the bottom of the container – you get a fat straw to be able to enjoy it. The base can be black, green and green jasmine tea, to which dairy products, ice-cream, fruit or sweeteners are added.

There are a number of places where you can savor these drinks as you explore Mexicali. Here are a couple:

BOBA on Benito Juarez Blvd is guaranteed to please even the most-particular of customers. Besides the expected offer of smoothies, shakes, slushies and frappes, you can try out their waffles and coffees.


Yummi is situated in Plaza Soriana. There you can enjoy a range of juices and other non-alcoholic beverages as well as treat yourself to some excellent pastries.


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