Ensenada Cuisine

Ensenada is a notably culturally dense city, part of which is its distinctly delicious cuisine. As part of Baja, Ensenada offers visitors delicious Mexican dishes with a wide variety of dining options. From fresh carne asada street tacos to seafood, Ensenada has something for every taste. Part of what makes vacation fun is being able to try new delicious food without the guilt of ruining your diet. Tasting the local cuisine has always been a tradition for travelers and Ensenada just so happens to have some of the best food south of the border.

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As a coastal city, it is no wonder Ensenada is known for its delectable seafood. If you’re looking for a more authentic eating experience, Mariscos El Guerro is guaranteed to satisfy those seafood cravings. This cart isn’t anything fancy but is consistently ranked as one of the best seafood places in Ensenada by locals and tourists alike. While there is plenty to choose from on the menu, the shrimp cocktail is a consistent favorite. For those more interested in a sit-down dining experience, Muelle3 is a local restaurant and bar that is located right on the waterfront. With great food, excellent service, and a beautiful view, Muelle3 is an ideal dining destination.

Any trip to Ensenada isn’t complete without tacos. In particular, an Ensenada specialty is the shrimp taco. For the best shrimp tacos in town, Fish Tacos Ensenada and Puesto Fenix are the stands that have been raved about by locals and visitors for years. Don’t miss out on the bold flavors and incomparable freshness these stands offer on your trip.

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While Ensenada is known for its customary dishes, they have something for everyone. For those with a serious sweet tooth, El Rey Sol is known for its fresh French pastries that always hit the spot. El Rey Sol not only has some of the best deserts in town but offers some of the best dishes in Ensenada and is a tourist favorite.

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