Mexican Auto Insurance Guide to Mexico’s Most Impressive Archaeological Sites, Part 1

Mexico is a fascinating country, with an ancient history, a long and fruitful tradition and an amazing culture. It’s a country of contrasts, a marvelous travel destination with parts a virtual postcard. But Mexico is much more than wonderful beaches and sunsets. Each of the 32 states offers a wide array of activities. The further you get into this country, the more you will be amazed by its magical towns (Pueblos Mágicos) and diversity of people, their customs and friendliness, astonished by its breathtaking natural wonders and impressed by the archeological sites spread out across the country. The number is incredibly high: 29,000 archeological sites, of which more than 150 are open to the public. Many of these sites are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which means they are recognized as outstanding testimonies to the history of mankind.

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