2016 Mexican Car Insurance: Useful Tips for Drivers in Mexico City

Mexico City is the third largest city in the world with a population of nearly nine million inhabitants. As the streets of Mexico City tend to get crowded, especially during the summer, our customers looking to purchase Mexican Car Insurance often ask us for advice when they plan to visit this exciting city. If you are planning on visiting Mexico City yourself, we have compiled a list of tips you need to read before you set out.

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Complete Mexican Auto Insurance Guide to the Most Popular Destinations in Mexico

Mexico’s popularity as a tourist destination comes from the varied offer. From wonderful beaches, exciting nightlife to rich culture, Mexico has a lot to spark any tourist’s interest. If you’ve been planning on visiting Mexico but don’t know where to begin, our friendly agents at Mexican Insurance have come up with a list of the most popular destinations to visit in Mexico according to our loyal clients. So pack your bags, fuel up the tank, check your resources and get your Mexican auto insurance before you experience some of the most wonderful attractions this beautiful country has to offer.

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